I have a really big heart for helping people and giving.

And it can be hard sometimes because people don’t always reciprocate the help/care you give-

Like, a good nine times out of ten they don’t-

And the human response to kindness and love and care not being reciprocated is to shut it off. We begin to feel used and decide we’re better off not being so kind and caring only for ourselves and our needs because no one else will look out for us in similar fashion.

But anytime I face a situation where I have the desire to help someone that is wrought with a fear of feeling/being used or ‘shortchanged’ again, I just remember that giving is WHO I AM. It’s who God created me to be. It was no mistake that while all my siblings got Bible names, I was named Eudora Leonore- ‘Gift of Light’. I remind myself that to stop giving is to renounce the God-given gift over my life- to betray my very identity and compromise who God put me on this earth to be. To stop being generous and kind simply because others didn’t/couldn’t appreciate it, or were not bestowed with similar giftings (because giving is a spiritual gift) is exactly what the enemy would want. He wants a world filled with selfish, callous and stingy people, because in that world it’s almost as though there is no God. There is no light or vessel for Him to shine through and reach people.

The world needs good, kind, giving people. No matter how used you may feel sometimes, never lose sight of that. Don’t let the actions or inactions of others discourage you from being who God created you to be. The Bible says in Colossians 3:23 that anything we do, we do as though we’re working for God, not for man. Romans 12:18 encourages us to get along with and see the beauty in everyone instead of retaliating.

So give even when they don’t give back.
Love on people.
Make them laugh.
Help others even if you have to help yourself too when it’s all over.

Truth is, they probably need it more than you. You’re someone’s blessing- their Gift of Light- so shine. 🙂