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Hey, okay from where I’m from. Looks like everyone around me is okay with mediocrity. And I am not. I want to do more and be better. And break free from that. I believe I can be much better and do much better. Recently I wrote an exam for a very reputable multinational firm in Ghana. The exams was very difficult. Very. I saw people around me give up. But I still did what I could. Everyone of my friends made it through except me. I was very heartbroken because this opportunity was going to open many doors for me. Financially and academically. I kept crying and didn’t understand why. I’ve always thought I wasn’t smart enough. But God has always come through for me.So when I didn’t make it, I went on my knees and kept praying. Even though the process was over. A friend of mine who happens to work in the organization. Told his boss about me. And the boss just asked for my name and said he would help me. He will push me through to the next stage so I prove my worth. I was excited and all. But then I started feeling someway. Like was it right. Why am I using protocol. Isn’t that bad.? Some part of me is telling me that it’s God that has opened this particular door for me. Because he knew the exam wouldn’t favor me. Another part is telling me that it’s wrong. And that’s nepotism. Mind you, I didn’t ask for this. I was even surprised when his boss called and asked for my details. He is one of the senior managers there . What do you think? I’m confused.

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