The Tribe

If I had to answer the question: “What has been the greatest source of growth when it comes to your faith?” the answer would unequivocally be people. Yes, this walk is about God, and Christ is our cornerstone, and the Holy Spirit our helper, but we can never hope to grow spiritually without surrounding ourselves with like-minded people. The seasons I have back-tracked the most in my faith are the ones in which I had no community. The seasons where I grew the most were the ones in which I was both planted in a life-giving church, and doing life with people who had the same heart for God that I did.

And so I made it a point to seek out these kinds of relationships; friendships that went beyond simple civilities of ‘how are you?’ and ‘what are you up to?’, to the deeper more important questions of ‘how is your soul?’ and ‘what is God saying to you in this season?’ When we met for brunch, we weren’t just discussing the latest trends and fads in fashion – we were sharing God-dreams and visions, confessing weaknesses and falls. We were open and honest with each other about our fears, our callings, and all the times we just didn’t feel like doing this Christian thing. We called each other out on our crap (lovingly) and steered each other back to Christ whenever we found ourselves swaying away from the straight and narrow. And in those moments we found support, we found transparency, and we found clarity of purpose. We learned so much about ourselves, about each other, and about God, simply by talking about Him AND letting Him into our conversations.

We had found our Tribe.

Knowing just how much having a tribe has radically changed my walk with Christ and my everyday life, I wanted to extend the invitation to join my extended tribe to you. While I do believe that EVERYONE needs to have the 3CCF (3 Close Christian Friends – even Jesus had Peter, John, and James), there is always room for more people to find community and do life with.

The Tribe here at Slayed & Saved is just a safe space to air your thoughts, questions, concerns, or simply just share what God is speaking to you about through the things happening in your life, or during our Read Through the Bible series. If you’ve followed me long enough, you know I believe in complete transparency, and I hope you will feel comfortable enough to be as transparent in this community as you are with your own family; because that’s what we are here: a family of believers.

Before you click on the register button, here are some standards my friends have in our tribe that I want to extend to this one:

  1. In the Tribe, we do REAL. Fakeness gets in the way of spiritual growth. We are real people, with real struggles and a real desire to seek out Christ in community. No topic is off limits. No question is to X-rated. We recognize Christ has something to say about everything.
  2. In the Tribe, we don’t judge. Because we are real (refer to Standard 1), we do not pretend to be perfect or that we have it all together. We recognize that the only way wounds are healed is if they are exposed. That being said, it’s OK to be a mess. We love mess. In fact, if you’re not a mess, you probably don’t need to be here lol
  3. In the Tribe, we don’t play comparison games. We are all in the growth process, and while we might be in strong in one area that someone is weaker in, we may also be weak in an area everyone else is stronger in. That’s the point of community – to strengthen each other so we can grow together.
  4. In the Tribe, we speak lovingly. No slander, no malice, no unwholesome talk. The only way people hear you is when you speak in love. We uplift, we encourage, we empower.
  5. In the Tribe we do humility. Community growth requires a teachable spirit. My greatest growth has come from the moments when people in my tribe lovingly instructed me on the way God wanted me to go, even when I didn’t always want to hear it, or it touched a nerve. Chances were that the things they spoke to me in love that hurt the most were the things I most needed to hear.
  6. In the Tribe, we know it’s OK not to know. ‘I don’t know’ is a perfectly good answer to any question.
  7. In the Tribe, we stand with each other. Whether it’s in prayer or warfare. The bible says that is two agree on something, it has a lot of power, so this is the place to come when you need some help.

Now that that’s out of the way, welcome to the Tribe! I’m excited to meet you 🙂




Join THE TRIBE! And then join the conversation!