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Conversations with God

Sometimes I still feel like I have to monitor God in some aspects of my life lol I say: “God- can we collaborate on this life thing? Can I give you suggestions about what I want this to look like? Tell you what would work best for me?” And He gives me the side-eye, laughs, and shakes His head. “Child, you had the reigns, and look at where it got you!” He says. “ But,” I protest, “I just need you to know some things about me… you know, my preferences and what-not” “Really?” He chuckles. “Like what? Pray tell.” “Well… like, in terms of the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want him to be-” “Wait-” God interjects “Let me get a pen!” He feigns a search for a writing instrument. I frown, but He smiles. “Continue” He says. “I’m listening.” “Well…” I…

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