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Can We Discuss ‘An African City’ Frankly?

I am one of the women who watch the YouTube series, ‘An African City’. The series has been lauded ‘The Next Sex and The City’, a ‘ground breaking web series’, and ‘one for the returnees’, as well as ‘Ghana’s own Girlfriends’. Now, as humorous as the show is, as a Ghanaian woman both educated and living outside of Ghana, I have to be skeptical about all this praise the show is receiving. Basically, these women are representing what I will supposedly look like in the next 5-8 years, and frankly, I don’t agree with the image. Let’s get right to the ‘why’: First of all, let’s touch on how very unrealistic this show is, setting-wise. If I ever decided I was moving back to Ghana, you can be certain it would not be into my own apartment that would require a two-year deposit, of anywhere up to $200,000, in advance….

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