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I’m bad at hearing God speak I think. Everyone says listen . He’s there. You’ll hear him. But I can’t seem to! Look, I’ve been praying and asking God to speak to me. But I can’t hear Him. What do I have to do? It’s so frustrating. And I’m bad at picking up signs . So if it’s through a book or person . Maybe I’ve missed it. Can’t he appear in a dream? Why is there this barrier? Why can’t I hear Him.

Well love, first off, know that God is always speaking. We’re either not listening or don’t know how to tune in. If I gave you a radio but you didn’t know how to turn it on or how to tune into the station you wanted to listen to, doesn’t mean you or the radio is broken. It just means you need a little more information 🙂 The first step to hearing God is to understand what He ‘sounds’ like. You have to recognize His ‘voice’. ‘Hearing’ God isn’t always what you think. Hearing isn’t always an audible voice – actually it rarely is. Hearing God can be that feeling of peace about a decision. it can be an open door – or a closed one. It can be a dream, vision, deep-seated intuition, divine understanding and instinct. I always refer people to a book my pastor wrote – Contact: The…

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