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How do you overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. I’ve cried. That was my prayer because I couldn’t get the words out. I have no one to talk to. I don’t think anyone will understand what I’m going through. I am tired

Hey love, These questions are honestly always the hardest for me to answer. For one, I suffered (and sometimes still do suffer) from bouts of depression, and I know sometimes the words of people can be really empty in that state, and I never want to give people empty words. But here’s the advice I can give you, and I hope you will take it as coming from someone who understands what you’re going through and wants you to be healed and whole: 1. Ask for help. Depression and being suicidal are serious issues and if you are not in the state of mind to be in control of your own well-being, you need someone to do it for you. Whether that means calling 911 if you feel like you’re about to self harm (if you’re in the states and have that luxury), or telling a medical professional, or a…

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