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Withstanding the Drought Pt 3: Pray As If Life Depended On It (Because It Does)

Last we left Elijah, he was a long-term guest in the widow’s house, God having provided food for her and her household to see them through the drought. So life was pretty good at this point. I’m guessing Elijah had found his comfort zone and was just waiting to ride the next few years of drought out and see what was next for him. He’d probably become fast friends with the widow, playing catch with her son in the front yard and teaching him all the things that his own father would have if he had still been alive. They didn’t have meat or any delicacies, but they were well-fed. They were happy. They were alive. Then one day, the unexpected happens: the widow’s son became gravely ill, and eventually died. Some time later the woman’s son became sick. He grew worse and worse, and finally he died. Then she said to…

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A Prayer for Families

Dear God, I just want to come before you today and just thank you that you are a good father who loves His children. I thank you because since it is in your nature to be good, that you want good things for us. But God, I know that while your will for us is good and perfect and pleasing, that the enemy is at work to destroy those good things that you made Father: families. God you created the concept of families to provide community and safety and love and protection – an earthly and physical manifestation of your very heart and being for us. But we are living in a time where so many families are hurting God. Parents are hurting and hurting each other. children are hurting and being hurt by the people who are meant to love and care for them. We live in a day…

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