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Colorblind: When the Church Remains Silent

I don’t consider myself a particularly ‘politically-active’ person. While I have informed opinions on several socio-political issues, I am usually one to hold my peace until my opinion is relevant (which is not that often if I’m being all the way honest). And I will be transparent enough to admit that part of what plays into my ‘non-politicalness’ is my faith. I believe that while I am entitled to my opinion and to my feelings on an issue, God’s Word and heart trump my feelings and opinions every single time. So as a Christian who wears her faith on her sleeve, my first inclination when faced with a¬†difficult issue is not to ignore my feelings or inclinations altogether, but to first and foremost to seek God’s heart and perspective and allow that to shape and guide my own. In the last two days two black men were gunned down and…

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