in Faith

The Miracle in the Mundane

  I have seen miracles – but not in the ways you would think. When I graduated college, the ER became a pretty routine part of my life. In fact, the summer of 2013 saw me in the ER at least five times, and in the doctor’s office running tests at least another six or seven. These visits were triggered by random events: my throat closing up in the middle of a work day when I’ve never had an allergy in my life, numbness in my extremities, vertigo, difficulty breathing… My most recent visit to the ER was triggered by severe chest pains – the kind that convinced me that I was really about to join my Maker. And trust me I have run every test imaginable to mankind. I’ve been hooked up to more wires and machines in the last 5 years than I can count. CT scans, EKGs,…

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