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What to Do With Your High Standards

Anyone old enough to have had any sort of life experience will tell you that you will get to a certain point in your mid-to-late 20s where people around you will begin to question your life choices – that is if they haven’t already. Questions will range from the timing of your masters and eventual PhD degree, to the number of kids you plan on having, and the exact number of years you plan on having between them.
If you happen to, like me, fall into the category of ‘still single’ during these blessed years, the situation will spiral downwards fairly quickly.

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Dana’s Story: Faith, Marriage, and Motherhood (pt. 1)

My own story speaks of a singular narrative: of a single Ghanaian-American woman in her mid-twenties pursuing Christ and all he has for her in this season. But there are many people in other seasons of life – and God is speaking to them too. I’m excited to share this first part of an interview I did with Dana, wife to Alex and mother of the beautiful baby Ava and puppy Bentley. Her story is one of strength, perseverance, humility, and grace in the face of challenge and loss. She, like all of us, is striving to be attentive to everything God is teaching her in the season she’s in, and I hope her narrative blesses you as much as it did me.

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Seeking Mr. Christian

This one is for the ladies guys, but of course, feel free to read on 🙂

“I want a God-fearing man!” said almost every Christian woman everywhere when asked what she’s looking for in a future partner. I definitely say it all the time myself… but have we ever really sat down and bothered to ask ourselves why? Why DO we want God-fearing men in our lives?
Is it because we actually want to build a godly legacy with said man?
Or is it because we think they are more likely to treat us right and less likely to cheat?
*mic drop*
Yea, I said it lol.


Relationship Advice Quarterly

You have to be friends with a dude/chick before you even think about relationships.
This is the best advice my uncle ever gave me – he’s so quirky but gives the absolute best relationship advice: Be friends with a guy. Don’t be in a rush to get him to lock you down. Talk about random things. Fight. Tell him what he does that annoys you. Annoy him and see how he responds lol. Friendship allows you to assess how someone would act in high pressure situations without the risk. 
We have become a generation of women that have followed Beyonce down this ‘if you like it put a ring on it’ path and pressuring men to jump into relationships ten seconds after we meet them, ‘or else’.

Dear Diary Faith

When Are You getting Married?

I finally got asked.
I thought I could escape the question for a while more – being the last-but-one grandchild on my Father’s side and all. My aunties had other plans.
“So… when are you also getting married?”
“Who me? I have been asking myself the same question. I’ll let you know when I figure out the answer!” I reply sarcastically.
“So there’s no one special?”
“Do you want me to introduce you to some people?”
“Then that means there must be someone you have in mind!”
“Errrr…. no. Not actually.

Dear Diary

The Build-A-Man Workshop

Welcome, Ladies, to the Build-A-Man Workshop – where you can create your Perfect Man simply with the click of a few buttons!
Let me tell you how it works:
First,  our state-of-the-art Man Generator will ask you a series of questions to ascertain what it is you want your Man to look like. Green eyes? Long hair? Maybe you’re into man buns? Beards? Do you want him six-foot-four, athletic build, and with a dashing smile? We’ve got you covered!
 Next, tell us what attributes you want in a man – you name it, we can make it.


Let’s Talk About Relationships

Cue eye roll.
You know why I rarely blog about relationships, and waiting for God’s best for you, and how to be in a godly relationship and all that wonderful stuff Christian women eat up like crazy????
Well, other than the fact that I have the patience of a two-year old,  I’m single, and I’m totally unqualified to tell people how to practically live out a God-first relationship? lol
Because the devil has spent so much time deceiving women into believing that their value to the Kingdom of God is dependent on them getting married/having a husband.

Dear Diary

Musings of A Single Ghanaian Woman In Her Mid-Twenties

As I sit here sipping my usual morning brew of hot lemon water with ginger, praying it’s miraculously imbibed with the same effects as coffee, it dawns on me that I’ll be 25 in just over 3 months.
25. That dreaded point of no return. When you’re young enough to still be single and figuring life out, but old enough to care that you ARE single and haven’t gotten it all figured out yet. And soon others around you start to care too.
And 25 is that number for ME. Maybe it was 18 for you, I dunno. I guess it really all depends on where and how you’re raised.