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The Day Grace Was Born

Every year, I get very reflective once Easter rolls around. Seriously – from Palm Sunday all the way to the Resurrection Sunday that follows, I find myself in an way overly reflective mood lol. This year, what stood out most in all my pondering was that the point of having Easter as a holiday is not just to celebrate Christ and his resurrection – Easter is also the story of Grace: forgiveness, mercy, freedom and life, all packaged into one beautiful gift, secured on a cross just for you and me. If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to understand Grace. It is one of those things we say we believe in, but find difficult to accept in our own lives. It’s easy to know you have access to, but hard to allow yourself to take hold of – to actually be a recipient of Grace, from God and even…

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“Come, see for yourself!”

I have always found immense comfort and understanding in the lives of Jesus’ disciples. While Jesus himself may honestly sometimes be hard for my human mind to relate to (being the son of God and God himself and all), the disciples I REALLY get. I get their fears. I get their doubt. I get their hesitations, their enthusiasm and their over-zealousness. They were doing back then what we are essentially trying to do today – follow Jesus! And so in looking at what Jesus taught them, what he asked them to do, what they did (or didn’t do), and what they were inspired by the Holy Spirit to do, we find a simple understanding of the very basics of what it means to be a follower of Christ. Last night I found myself in John 1 – as I always find myself in the gospels when I’m trying to get…

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