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Dear Diary Faith

Battling Dysmorphia

Since we’re on the topic of freedom, I thought I’d be amiss if I didn’t tell you about my own struggle with insecurity – or at least one of them.
I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t overly preoccupied with the way I looked. It just seemed that everywhere I went people were continuously pointing out the ways in which I differed from everyone else.I was either too skinny, or too fat, or too tall. My cheeks were too big, and my clothes never fit right.


Walk of Shame (For Freedom Pt. 2)

And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed or embarrassed. Genesis 2:25
The story of Adam and Eve is pretty well-known: God gives instruction, serpent tricks woman into disobeying instruction, woman eats apple and hands it over to man, God finds them red-handed, man is doomed for all of eternity.
Aaaaand SCENE.
The story continues that Adam and Eve on realizing their nakedness and hearing God calling for them, they hid in the Garden – as if the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent God didn’t already know what they had done or where exactly they were hiding.

Dear Diary Faith

Through the Looking Glass

So my 5-year old niece broke my mirror last weekend.
It all began when we got back from church and she asked for scrambled eggs. Now there is nothing more frustrating than trying to scramble eggs while a 5-year old stands beside you asking to help with things that will only prolong the scrambling process. So while I had already told her not to play with my stability ball (which she finds hilarious), frankly anything that kept her out of the way so I could cook was acceptable… for the moment.
So there I was, multitasking between cooking these eggs and talking to her mom on the phone when I heard the crash.