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What to Do With Your High Standards

Anyone old enough to have had any sort of life experience will tell you that you will get to a certain point in your mid-to-late 20s where people around you will begin to question your life choices – that is if they haven’t already. Questions will range from the timing of your masters and eventual PhD degree, to the number of kids you plan on having, and the exact number of years you plan on having between them. If you happen to, like me, fall into the category of ‘still single’ during these blessed years, the situation will spiral downwards fairly quickly. Your parents’ narrative will go from, ‘Focus on your studies’, and ‘Don’t waste your time with boys who will waste your time’ to ‘Stop being so picky’ in the blink of an eye, and without any forewarning whatsoever. One moment, they loved you and wanted your well-being, and…

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The Message in the Storm Pt. 4: God’s Heart in the Storm

Have you ever doubted that God cares? I definitely have. It’s like you know He’s there, and He’s all-powerful, you just doubt He’s as concerned about what you’re going through as you are. The break up. The loss of a family member or a friend. An unemployment situation. An empty bank account. We know He’s all-knowing, but somehow He seems ridiculously absent and uncaring in those situations. We ask, if you really cared so much, why did you let this happen? Why put me through this? Why let me follow you all this while and still allow me to have to endure this? In our minds and our hearts, we see God as removed from our problems while they’re actually happening- As someone who either comes in to save the day, or not. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom in our storms that God is moved by what we’re going through-…

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