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My Seven Tips to Living a Happy and Healthy Life!

So I’ve been looking for a way to describe this season I’m in (and I’ll definitely talk more about it in a couple weeks), but it’s kinda like Eudora Got Her Groove Back! It’s like I’ve got this crazy positivity all of a sudden – and it might be because I just came out of a ten-day Daniel fast last week (talk about spiritual and physical detox!) or because of that Sephora sale this past weekend, but whatever light was off somewhere suddenly switched on, and I’m loving it!  So I thought I’d share the good vibes and the top things I do/have done when I’m mentally, physically, and/or spiritually worn out or congested that help me live a healthier and happier life in all those regards. 1. Let go of weights and sin.  I wrote about (here) how what goes on in our spirit is directly correlated with what…

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