in Nuggets

The Journey

There are days when I’m tempted to think: “Look how far I’ve come!” But then I stop myself because I realize, man, I’m more of a mess now than I was two years ago – I need Jesus now more than I ever did! And not because I’m ‘sinning’ more (though I very well might be… I don’t exactly have a measuring stick for this). No, we’ve been conditioned to think that change is simply the act of crossing off sins. I don’t do this or that anymore, so I’m good… NOT. We’ve come to believe that God’s primary focus is to get us to stop sinning. Really God’s primary focus is to change our hearts – and man, is mine a wreck! The Bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks – whatever is in your heart directs your words. And Paul tells us that our…

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