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Here’s to 7 out of 77…

What Lie Are You Believing? What false report? What words of negativity were spoken over your life that have taken root in your heart and sprouted seeds of doubt and fear without you even knowing it? Seeds that started off as tiny shoots but have grown to be a field of weeds in which nothing good can grow? In which the promises of God just can’t take root? We all have them, but to be honest, I didn’t think I had any till yesterday when God showed me just how much a single statement had made me a slave to a spirit of worthlessness – a slave to the same lie the enemy has used since Adam: ‘you are not enough’. It was a statement that was said supposedly to help me, but more likely to strike me. It cut so deep that over a year later I am still experiencing…

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How did you let some people go from your life?

I could tell you it was an easy process, but I’d be lying. There’s something ridiculously hard about letting go of everything you thought you had- because even when it really is nothing substantial, it feels like you’re letting go of your world. And essentially you are. But understand that it’s a process. It isn’t a one day thing. You’ll walk out of a relationship, the person will try to walk back in- and you’ll have to be able to preempt that and take steps back. I’ve found that when God is teaching you things like letting go, He doesn’t just leave you to it- teaching is a process. You will fail and have to retake some of those letting go tests. But like any test, you’ll get better at it. You’ll better be able recognize the right kind of person for your life each time you choose the ‘wrong’…

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