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Tips for a DO BETTER New Year

Since we’re all still on that ‘New Year, New Me’ buzz, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you some of the practical things I do to keep spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy.
Become a morning person

I know this is easier said than done, but there’s something about waking up early that I finds helps me feel a little more excited and positive about the day. I’m more cheerful, more productive, and I just find I’m a better person overall than when I laze in bed until the final alarm goes off. The key to becoming a morning person is very simple: go to bed earlier.

Dear Diary Faith

The Miracle in the Mundane

I have seen miracles – but not in the ways you would think.
When I graduated college, the ER became a pretty routine part of my life. In fact, the summer of 2013 saw me in the ER at least five times, and in the doctor’s office running tests at least another six or seven. These visits were triggered by random events: my throat closing up in the middle of a work day when I’ve never had an allergy in my life, numbness in my extremities, vertigo, difficulty breathing… My most recent visit to the ER was triggered by severe chest pains – the kind that convinced me that I was really about to join my Maker.


Watch and Pray

It’s just a little over a week until the New Year comes round and of course the buzz of the holidays is all around. I can’t even begin to count the number of ‘What are your holiday plans?’ conversations I’ve had in the last few weeks, or justify the amount of food I’ve eaten at all these holiday parties. And while the excitement of spending time away from work with friends and family and a lot of good food would get anyone excited, I think if I could pick a word to describe what I feel more of than excited at this moment, it would be attentive.

Dear Diary Faith

Chronicles of Canaan

These last three weeks have been brutal to say the least.
Let me explain: I am someone who cherishes her sanity. And my sanity is tied to my ability to have down and alone time. I am an extroverted introvert. My life and job are very outward facing, and to pour so much out to people, I require time alone to meditate and just exist in solitude. I need to be able to do things that calm me – cook, bake, do laundry, walk around my apartment looking toe up. I need to be able to dress up, go out and slay, then come home, put on pimple cream and curl up and just lie in bed awake doing nothing because I have no energy left.


A Winning Fourth Quarter Strategy

I am not the biggest sports fanatic.
Actually, let me not tell a lie. I haven’t the faintest clue how any sport is played aside from the objective of getting the ball across the line or into some net or the other. I merely attend sports events for decorative purposes. So let me put in this disclaimer now:
This post was sponsored by the Holy Spirit with support from Google. 
I have, however, been subjected to the torture of having to sit through game after game not really knowing what was going on the whole time. And as a result of that, I know enough to know that the fourth quarter strategy is crucial to the success of any team.

Mumblings and Musings

This One Is For The Dreamers…

This picture of me jumping off of a ledge (the kind of thing you do on vacation these days) was taken this afternoon in Old San Juan after lunch at Cafe Puerto Rico. As I write this, I am sitting on my balcony, staring out at the beach and scrolling through work emails.
How did I get here? Well, I’ll tell you.
Around this time last year, I began to feel like it was time to leave my job. Trust me, I had wanted to leave long before, but I am a firm believer in the power of God’s timing, and I knew that when it was truly time to move, God would release me, and provide me with another opportunity.
So the moment I felt His release, I began to pray.


Why I Left The Church

This piece should really be called, Why I Left The Church (Then Went Back Because I Realized It Was All A Matter Of Perspective), but making you cringe in horror or raise your brows in interest was too good of an opportunity to miss LOL.
I’ve heard so many of these stories over the last year – of people being fed up with the institution of Christianity – that I thought I’d tell my own story, and share what I learned from the experience.
So here it goes:

I don’t know how you grew up, or what your parents’ preference was for suitable activities or weekend plans, but in my house, Jesus was King.


Cool Kid Christianity: Where Grace Means You Get To Do Pretty Much Whatever You Want

Walk into any non or interdenominational church on a Sunday morning (or evening, which is when most of these churches hold their services these days), and you will most likely be met with a pleasing sight: throngs of young people in black fedoras, Justin Bieber haircuts, and ripped denim, all lifting their hands in worship of the Almighty. It’s an amazing sight to see in a generation that has such a desire to go its own way to ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Do As Thou Wilt‘ without regard for anyone or anything else. I know this picture well, not only because I attend one such church, but because I am one of them.

Dear Diary

Living in Wonderland

I have always loved stories. I think it’s something I learnt from my sister. Her love for reading was the reason I learnt to at such a young age. By the time I was 5, I was reading books far beyond my years. Soon, she began to write her own stories because it was possible she had already read everything appropriate enough for her age (and then some, I’m sure). She’d spend days pouring over notebooks and writing elaborate tales, and I was always impressed with her ability to bring life to words.

Dear Diary

Colorblind: When the Church Remains Silent

I don’t consider myself a particularly ‘politically-active’ person. While I have informed opinions on several socio-political issues, I am usually one to hold my peace until my opinion is relevant (which is not that often if I’m being all the way honest).
And I will be transparent enough to admit that part of what plays into my ‘non-politicalness’ is my faith. I believe that while I am entitled to my opinion and to my feelings on an issue, God’s Word and heart trump my feelings and opinions every single time.

Dear Diary

“What Do You Need?”

My trip back from Ghana this past Christmas was a nightmare – but one that turned out to be an important lesson.
Don’t ask me why I thought two layovers was a smart thing to do, but I guess it was because as someone who enjoys traveling, the idea of stopping in a new country gives me butterflies.
Needless to say that butterflies were the last thing in my stomach this time around.
After an 8-hour flight to Copenhagen followed by a 12-hour layover – without a jacket, an outlet, or anywhere to sleep – and a delayed flight to NYC, I was exhausted.


Dana’s Story: Faith, Marriage and Motherhood (Pt. 2)

At this point in the conversation we were joined by a teething Ava as we discussed what it’s like watching Ava grow, meeting her husband Alex, and how they have gone on to grow in faith as a family.

So, I know from reading your blog that you had two losses before having Ava – I can imagine that finding out you were pregnant yet again must have been a difficult experience to say the least. Do you think there was a moment when you really exhaled? When you put your fears aside and said, ‘this is going to be OK – she’s going to be OK.’?
Gosh, I think my exhale moment with Ava was when she was born.

Devotions Faith


I realized last week that I have such a problem with asserting myself and speaking up.
It’s not quite full-blown glossophobia though. Put me in front of a crowd or hand me a pen and paper and I’m great – i’ll spill my guts. Give me authority, and I’ll run with it. Ask for my opinion and i’ll give it – because I always have one. But when I have to take authority? When I’m in a board room or at a table of people I don’t know, and I have to speak up? I feel totally overwhelmed.
Maybe these feelings stem from my Ghanaian upbringing, where we were told our opinions did not matter unless we were asked for them (and we never were).


Facing Doubt

Somehow, we have come to believe that faith comes easily – that it is a singular choice you make on the day you perform the ritual of raising your hand at the end of a church service to accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior.
Well, while it has been at least two decades since I made the decision to accept Jesus into my life, tomorrow marks 2 years since I made a public commitment to him by getting baptized. And in two years of doing life on God’s terms, I realize now that we have believed wrong.
Yes, faith is a choice – but it is not one that you make just once.


Joel Sackey: Faith, Photography and Beards

When I started brainstorming about Slayed and Saved, I knew a big part of it would be sharing stories of of other Christians I’ve met along the way and how they’re working at living out their faith just like I am. I didn’t want it to be just my narrative, but rather chronicles of different perspectives that all pointed in the same direction, and different voices all proclaiming the same truth. Choosing the first person to interview really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, even though he wasn’t the obvious choice.
I met Joel through blogging as Ms.

Dear Diary Faith

Under Review

There is a certain time of year that anyone who has ever been employed before has come to both fear and dread – and no, I’m not talking about tax season.
What I’m talking about is the age-old performance review.
Yes, I DID see you grimace just then. I am yet to meet a single human being who enjoys performance reviews. Now, I could go into the psychology of them and point out all the ways they are truly inaccurate and a horrible measure of capability or competence, but even without trekking down that path, they still remain pretty awful.