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Facing Doubt

Somehow, we have come to believe that faith comes easily – that it is a singular choice you make on the day you perform the ritual of raising your hand at the end of a church service to accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior.
Well, while it has been at least two decades since I made the decision to accept Jesus into my life, tomorrow marks 2 years since I made a public commitment to him by getting baptized. And in two years of doing life on God’s terms, I realize now that we have believed wrong.
Yes, faith is a choice – but it is not one that you make just once.

Dear Diary Faith

Under Review

There is a certain time of year that anyone who has ever been employed before has come to both fear and dread – and no, I’m not talking about tax season.
What I’m talking about is the age-old performance review.
Yes, I DID see you grimace just then. I am yet to meet a single human being who enjoys performance reviews. Now, I could go into the psychology of them and point out all the ways they are truly inaccurate and a horrible measure of capability or competence, but even without trekking down that path, they still remain pretty awful.


The Missing Peace

How easy is it to lose your peace in this world????
There was a point in my life that I could actually never find mine – my family, friends (and exes) will testify to this lol. Moving back to the States on my own and living as a college student solely reliant on financial  aid and three part-time jobs to provide for myself, I was in a constant state of worry. Would I have enough to eat? Would I have enough to go home over break? Would I have enough to survive the winter??? Sometimes there was enough, but other times there was barely enough to go around. I spent a lot of time counting my pennies and running in circles about money.
Then there was school.