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Dear Diary

Conversations with God

Sometimes I still feel like I have to monitor God in some aspects of my life lol
I say: “God- can we collaborate on this life thing? Can I give you suggestions about what I want this to look like? Tell you what would work best for me?”
And He gives me the side-eye, laughs, and shakes His head.
“Child, you had the reigns, and look at where it got you!” He says.
“ But,” I protest, “I just need you to know some things about me… you know, my preferences and what-not”
“Really?” He chuckles. “Like what? Pray tell.”
“Well… like, in terms of the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Dear Diary

Random Musing

The Christian walk is finding out you’re wrong 70% of the time.
(where 70% is being extremely generous lol)
We’re constantly learning and unlearning- changing our understanding of right and wrong, good and bad, permissible and acceptable- shifting the scales of our earthly mindset and reconstructing worldly notions until they’re totally balanced in Christ.
To be a Christian you have to become OK with being wrong.
It’s the most humbling thing in the world.

Dear Diary

Letter to My 21-Year Old Self

Dear Beautiful,
You will soon realize for yourself that that’s what you are. Beautiful. And not just on the outside (though knowing that is important too). You are beautiful in your essence. Know that, and you won’t ever need validation.
Life is about connecting, with people and with God. If you don’t learn to connect, you’ll soon find yourself drowning with nothing to catch hold of.
The most important thing you’ll ever do in this life, is love yourself. And I don’t just mean physically. I mean deeply and intimately. To do this you’ll first have to know yourself, and knowing yourself takes time, and focus. Be patient.
Don’t search out love.