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I realized last week that I have such a problem with asserting myself and speaking up. It’s not quite full-blown glossophobia though. Put me in front of a crowd or hand me a pen and paper and I’m great – i’ll spill my guts. GiveĀ me authority, and I’ll run with it. Ask for my opinion and i’ll give it – because I always have one. But when I have to take authority? When I’m in a board room or at a table of people I don’t know, and I have to speak up? I feel totally overwhelmed. Maybe these feelings stem from my Ghanaian upbringing, where we were told our opinions did notĀ matter unless we were asked for them (and we never were). Maybe my inability to speak up comes from the torture of my siblings, who at 6-7 years older than me would wait patiently for me to finish…

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