in Faith

Strengthen Your Core

As I begin to plan out my schedule for #ProjectHopefullyIWillHaveABeachBodyThisYear, I am forcing myself to input days solely for core exercises. Core workouts are the ones I despise the most. I will run on a treadmill for an hour, or pull a weighted sled half a block, but ask me to do a plank and I’m out. lol. Core exercises are painful. Core exercises boring. Core exercises take the longest to show results. And yet it is core exercise that is most essential to any workout routine. When your core is in shape, you can run faster, walk longer, lift heavier and in correct form. And the reason why is because your core, essentially, determines your stability. You can be as strong as anything, but without stability, you will never seethe results you want. As I thought about this I began to think of my own life and how unstable…

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