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How do I deal with my strong sexual urges as a christian teen trying to save myself for marriage?

Such a great question!
I think when you’re trying to keep yourself for marriage or be celibate and you’re dealing with strong sexual urges, the first thing you need to do is understand them. What brings those urges on? Is it a conversation you’re having with a certain someone? Or a show you watch? Or the kind of conversations you entertain? I’ve had guys tell me I’m the worst flirt, because there are just some conversations I just cannot entertain at this point lol.

Qs & As

What are your thoughts on celibacy?

I think I’ve touched on my views of celibacy here and there, but I probably haven’t ever explicitly stated what they are.
What does celibacy look like? Well it differs from person to person. I’ve seen couples who don’t even hold hands before marriage. Yes, that may seem crazy to you and me, but the Bible says if your right arm causes you to sin, chop it off, because it’s useless to you. When deciding to be celibate, you have to analyze yourself, look at past experiences, and learn from the habits/wrong choices that caused you to get into sexual situations. If you wanted to bone your ex every time he/she held your hand, then yea- Maybe you shouldn’t hold hands lol.


The Dilemma of How to Be Taken Seriously When Telling A Guy (Or Anyone For That Matter) You’re Celibate

I grew up in the Church, and was constantly reminded of how necessary it was to keep myself for marriage. This was all good and dandy when I was 12, and when I was in an all girls’ boarding high school and there were no prospects for sex. And then there was the part where I wasn’t even really interested in guys at that point (Well, maybe just one). So it was easy to carry my virginity chip proudly. Now, fast forward several years, and I’m in college, living on my own, my boobs have finally come in (and in full force, might I add), and I’m surrounded by a plethora of potential male partners who want my number/want to be with me/want to marry me.