in Faith

Chronicles of Canaan

These last three weeks have been brutal to say the least. Let me explain: I am someone who cherishes her sanity. And my sanity is tied to my ability to have down and alone time. I am an extroverted introvert.┬áMy life and job are very outward facing, and to pour so much out to people, I require time alone to meditate and just exist in solitude. I need to be able to do things that calm me – cook, bake, do laundry, walk around my apartment looking toe up. I need to be able to dress up, go out and slay, then come home, put on pimple cream and curl up and just lie in bed awake doing nothing because I have no energy left. I need to be able to turn off and not have to feel like I’m offending anyone. These things keep me calm and level-headed. That…

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