in Faith

Whose Dream Is It Anyway?

I can only ever remember wanting to be one thing as a little girl. Some children had been told by their parents that they would grow up to become doctors and surgeons, and so they spent their playtimes checking the health of their teddy bears with colorful stethoscopes, or dismembering Barbie to see whether or not they had the skills to put her back together. Others turned recess into an opportunity to play ‘house’, or donned tiaras hoping to find their Prince Charming. Not me, though. I was never impressed with the coveted doctor’s bag with the plastic scalpel. All I ever wanted to be was a dancer. Of course, this dream didn’t just materialize out of nowhere. It was borne from a cassette recording in which a pastor would stop in the middle of his sermon to prophesy about the little girl sitting on a woman’s lap. He told…

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