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25 Random Facts About Me

It just occurred to me the other day that many people probably have no idea who I am – and it probably doesn’t help that the ‘About Me’ page isn’t really about ME lol. It probably stems from the fact that I hate talking about myself/self-promotion (took me forever to jump on the hashtag bandwagon), but I think it’s only fair that you get to know more about me than the things I struggle with every day.
So here it goes!

I am 26 and the youngest of four kids. By far. My twin brothers and sister are a year apart, and I showed up 6 years later. I joked once to my father that I was clearly the ‘mistake baby’.

Qs & As

I’m bad at hearing God speak I think. Everyone says listen . He’s there. You’ll hear him. But I can’t seem to! Look, I’ve been praying and asking God to speak to me. But I can’t hear Him. What do I have to do? It’s so frustrating. And I’m bad at picking up signs . So if it’s through a book or person . Maybe I’ve missed it. Can’t he appear in a dream? Why is there this barrier? Why can’t I hear Him.

Well love, first off, know that God is always speaking. We’re either not listening or don’t know how to tune in. If I gave you a radio but you didn’t know how to turn it on or how to tune into the station you wanted to listen to, doesn’t mean you or the radio is broken. It just means you need a little more information 🙂
The first step to hearing God is to understand what He ‘sounds’ like. You have to recognize His ‘voice’.
‘Hearing’ God isn’t always what you think. Hearing isn’t always an audible voice – actually it rarely is. Hearing God can be that feeling of peace about a decision. it can be an open door – or a closed one.

Qs & As

Hi . This might seem like a very weird question. But is there anywhere in the bible that talks about “if someone wants to be there for you, you don’t have to force or try for their attention?” I’m asking this because, I and my be are going through a rough stage. He asked for space for awhile. And promised to be back. He’s going through some stuff and wants to be alone. But gave me his word and assurance that he was coming right back for me. Now here’s the issue, I believe he’s the one for meand I admit I might have pushed him farther away with my constant nagging . I have apologised and shown how truly sorry I am. But he wants space for now. So I’m doing the only thing I believe works. Praying. I’ve been praying like crazy, because this is whom I really want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m not growing any younger. I’m 25. But the more I pray, doubt creeps in . And then human logic where I start thinking about all these quotes and sayings from “relationship experts” talking about you can’t force someone to be with you bla bla. You know the quotes I’m talking about. So I am just trying to find out from someone who knows the bible pretty well, if there’s anywhere in the bible that talks about forcing yourself on people. This kind of stuff. Because deep down I believe God doesn’t work with what people have said. He does the uncommon. Unexplainable. So I’m trusting Him. But I just need to know if there’s anywhere in the bible that talks about that, maybe so I feel a lot better when praying and not to feel like those relationship experts are actually right. I’m just praying for a miracle. Divine intervention. Anything. I’ve never been so sure about anything . But there’s that little voice that keeps saying, you are wasting your time. He’s not coming back. 😪

Hey Love,
I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Relationships can be one heck of an emotional roller coaster. As I read your question this verse popped in my head from Song of Solomon 8:4:
Promise me, O women of Jerusalem,
not to awaken love until the time is right.
There is a time for everything. And even if you know in your heart of hearts that it is meant to be, doesn’t mean it’s the right time. When it comes to God and trust and timing, you have to constantly be in chill mode. You have to learn to hold on to things loosely.