Summer is heeeeere!

School is out and  work is winding down and everyone is planning vacations – including myself  – and there’s a bunch of stuff I’m looking forward to trying out, places I want to go, and things I want to do! So I thought to myself – why not come up with a Summer Bucket List?!!

So here it is, my bucket list that’ll kick off June 1st – feel free to join in by hashtagging #SSSummer16. I’m going to try and do as many of these as possible – some more than twice!

  1. Take a boat ride
  2. Travel outside your city
  3. Watch a sunrise
  4. Eat a vegan meal
  5. Pull a prayer all-nighter
  6. Ride a rollercoaster
  7. Go to/host a BBQ
  8. Bake something new
  9. Go to the market
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Go swimming
  12. Ride a bike
  13. Go hiking
  14. Take a roadtrip to eat something different
  15. Read 5 books
  16. Make a summer playlist
  17. Run 10 miles
  18. Play a sport
  19. Make your own icecream
  20. Make s’mores
  21. Make a signature cocktail
  22. Make fresh lemonade
  23. Paint something
  24. Start a herb garden
  25. Have brunch. Several times.
  26. Have lobster
  27. Study Esther
  28. Have a worship night
  29. Go to a festival/carnival
  30. Volunteer
  31. Go wine tasting
  32. Make a 4-layer cake
  33. Sit on a rooftop
  34. Get a mani pedi
  35. Try a do-it-yourself face mask
  36. Watch a movie outside
  37. Do a 10-day Daniel fast
  38. Wear a swim suit
  39. Go to a concert
  40. Clean out your closet
  41. Cook dinner for someone
  42. Write a letter to your spouse/future spouse
  43. Write a letter to God
  44. Host a themed party
  45. Go dancing
  46. Binge watch an entire series
  47. Volunteer to assist someone at church
  48. Attend a professional sports event
  49. Write a short story
  50. Create a prayer list
  51. Start a journal
  52. Take a cooking class
  53. Take a long walk
  54. Visit a new state or city
  55. Go to a tea/coffee shop and read a book
  56. Make a new friend
  57. Evangelize to someone
  58. Invite someone to church
  59. Read Nehemiah
  60. Give to charity
  61. Send your parents a gift
  62. Do something fun with your sibling(s)
  63. Go out on a date
  64. Create a new recipe
  65. Trust God for something
  66. Visit a new restaurant
  67. Cook a three course meal for yourself
  68. Buy yourself flowers
  69. Clean out your fridge
  70. Write a letter to your current/future child/children
  71. Write a letter to your future self
  72. Reach out to an old friend, have coffee/dinner if geographically possible
  73. Do touristy stuff
  74. Go to the zoo
  75. Go to the library
  76. Do a photoshoot
  77. Have a sleepover
  78. Have breakfast in bed
  79. Spend a whole day in bed reading your Bible
  80. Try a new workout
  81. Read a book, then see the movie
  82. Do something crafty
  83. Find a new job – if you need one
  84. Watch a sunset
  85. Watch your favorite movie with a glass of wine and popcorn
  86. Have asian food
  87. Have mexican food
  88. Have an African dish
  89. Have ice cream
  90. Teach yourself something new
  91. Exercise outdoors
  92. Try a new food
  93. Read all the gospels
  94. Forgive someone
  95. Go a day without makeup
  96. Read in a garden
  97. Organize your space
  98. Draw something
  99. Do something that scares you
  100. Dress up for no reason
  101. Set some personal goals
  102. Ask someone for their number
  103. Have a cheat day – go all out!
  104. Go to a used bookstore
  105. Take care of someone’s pet for a day
  106. Try a new hairstyle
  107. Take yourself out on a date
  108. Cook everything in a recipe book
  109. Go to the beach
  110. Learn to play an instrument
  111. Do karaoke
  112. Host a wine and cheese party
  113. Fry something that’s not meant to be fried
  114. Watch your favorite childhood movie
  115. Relive your favorite childhood memory
  116. Go go-karting
  117. Make an omelette
  118. Get a henna tattoo
  119. Learn how to use a camera
  120. Visit an old school
  121. Make a pizza from scratch
  122. Make crepes
  123. Fill a room with balloons
  124. Go to a fancy dinner with your friends
  125. Meet someone you only know from social media
  126. Ride a ferris wheel
  127. Go on a segway ride
  128. Take someone out to lunch
  129. Do something you’d never do