Hey Love,

I was where you are! There are three things I do in those idle seasons of ‘in-between’:

1. Work out. No better time to get fit than when you have the time to commit to it. Start running, do some at-home workouts. It creates a level of discipline in you that helps you withstand other temptations as well.

2. Watch sermons. Read your Bible. Get fed. There will be times in your life where you will be busy and find it difficult to get fed. This is the time to store up for the ‘winter’.  Get to know God deeper than you ever have, so that in the times when you don’t hear Him as clearly as you’d like to, you have something to live off of.

3. Pour out. My friend Etornam said this once and the truth of it has stuck with me ever since: there is nothing more powerful or therapeutic than giving to others when you yourself are in need.  Find somewhere to volunteer. Serve at church. Be a listening ear for someone else who needs an encouraging word. The more you give of yourself the more room you’ll have for God to pour into you.