This one is for the ladies guys, but of course, feel free to read on ­čÖé

“I want a God-fearing man!” said almost every Christian woman everywhere when asked what she’s looking for in a future partner. I definitely say it all the time myself… but have we ever really sat down and bothered to ask ourselves why? Why DO we want God-fearing men in our lives?

Is it because we actually want to build a godly legacy with said man?

Or is it because we think they are more likely to treat us right and less likely to cheat?

*mic drop*

Yea, I said it lol.

As crazy as it is, I think it really is more of the latter than the former! We want a prudent man who will be patient and kind and caring, and provide for his family and be faithful – but really, you could find any man of any creed or belief that could easily fit those criteria. I have dated and know SEVERAL great non-believers who would make AMAZING husbands – and tbh I’ve had to talk myself down from following the path of being unequally yoked a few times BECAUSE they were just that great. If you’re looking for a good man, don’t believe the hype – there are millions of great ones out there, and a lot of them aren’t necessarily God-fearing or Christians. If ‘Good Men’ was a Venn diagram, ‘God-fearing’ would merely be a tiny circle within the bigger one.

On the flip side, there is no guarantee whatsoever that a man who is God-fearing won’t disappoint you. No law that says God-fearing men are all caring or kind or unselfish or never forget an anniversary. The Bible doesn’t say God-fearing men are all generous. Nowhere does it say God-fearing men are not susceptible to temptation or never lie or let you down – in fact half of the God-fearing men in the Bible were nothing to write home about lol. Being God-fearing does not make him God – he will never be perfect, and he might let you down sometimes. The only difference is that a God-fearing man is a work-in-progress. He does not simply remain the same, but strives to work on his weaknesses with Jesus. He is accountable to a Higher Power, and you can be certain he will turn to God for help in moments of weakness or failure. But he will have those moments all the same.

So why really should we want to be with a God-fearing man?

Growing up, while I knew I wanted a Christian household of my own, it never really factored into my relationship decisions. I dated anyone I liked, and most of them were just Christian-enough or, at the very least, questioning. But looking back, most of my relationships ended at least in part because I had a commitment to my faith that I couldn’t see myself reneging on. No matter how left-field my life was at the time, something within me always defaulted to how important my faith was to me. I remember at one point thinking, ‘even if I never get to heaven, even if I never get this relationship-with-Christ thing right, I want my kids to have a shot at it. I want them to have a connection with their Creator.’ And I knew I couldn’t do that if I wasn’t with a man who put an emphasis on raising our children to know Him.

Of course, I know now that my salvation is not dependent on my actions or inactions, but on my belief in Christ. And I also am confident of the fact┬áthat my desire for a man who puts God first has very little to do with how his faith governs his morality or generosity, and more to do with how it governs his very way of life. When we say we are in search of God-fearing men, it should be because we cannot see ourselves living a life without Christ at the center. It should because we want to leave a legacy of faith for our children, so they might have a greater measure than us, and do even greater exploits in our world today than we could ever imagine. It should be because we want so badly to fulfill our God-given purpose on this earth that we can’t imagine being with someone who would deter it instead of fuel it. And it shouldn’t be because we want a man who we can continuously take from, but because we want one whose God-vision we can pour into ourselves.

So, what are your motives for potentially pursuing a relationship with a ‘God-fearing man’? Some food for thought today!