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The Dilemma of How to Be Taken Seriously When Telling A Guy (Or Anyone For That Matter) You’re Celibate

I grew up in the Church, and was constantly reminded of how necessary it was to keep myself for marriage. This was all good and dandy when I was 12, and when I was in an all girls’ boarding high school and there were no prospects for sex. And then there was the part where I wasn’t even really interested in guys at that point (Well, maybe just one). So it was easy to carry my virginity chip proudly. Now, fast forward several years, and I’m in college, living on my own, my boobs have finally come in (and in full force, might I add), and I’m surrounded by a plethora of potential male partners who want my number/want to be with me/want to marry me. *eye roll* But hold up- let’s take a second to discuss celibacy. Let’s be 100% honest right now- all cards on the table. This…

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in Dear Diary

Letter to My 21-Year Old Self

Dear Beautiful, You will soon realize for yourself that that’s what you are. Beautiful. And not just on the outside (though knowing that is important too). You are beautiful in your essence. Know that, and you won’t ever need validation. Life is about connecting, with people and with God. If you don’t learn to connect, you’ll soon find yourself drowning with nothing to catch hold of. The most important thing you’ll ever do in this life, is love yourself. And I don’t just mean physically. I mean deeply and intimately. To do this you’ll first have to know yourself, and knowing yourself takes time, and focus. Be patient. Don’t search out love. And don’t be afraid to move on from situations that you think might be love, but turn out not to be. I know it’s scary thinking you’ll never find ‘The One’. And it’s frustrating investing time, energy, and…

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in Travel

The India Example: Alleviating Social Pressures and Fueling Growth and Development

If you’ve been following my blog posts you know I spent the last week in Mumbai, India. I was there on a consulting project for school, working with a multi-billion dollar company involved in several areas of commerce- but specifically with their real estate business. The end goal was to help them figure out ways in which to make their affordable housing more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, given Mumbai’s over-population and the ever rising pressures on social amenities and infrastructure in the region. For me, it was also an opportunity to look at a topic I’ve always been interested in practically: comparative growth between Africa and Asia. In effect, I finally had the opportunity to look firsthand at models for growth and development in India, and see the ways in which they might be applied or adapted for the Ghanaian development dilemma. Now, let me first say, spending a week in…

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in Dear Diary

Mumbai Nights

At first I was apprehensive about being, possibly, the only black woman in Mumbai (I caught a glance of this hot journalist-type black guy in a restaurant tonight who I’m fairly certain is my soulmate). Then I went out dancing with my friends… An Indian woman pulled me aside and told me I was so beautiful. Then it dawned on me: I was finally the ‘exotic’ one. Now I know how Lupita feels lol

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in Faith

Can We Discuss ‘An African City’ Frankly?

I am one of the women who watch the YouTube series, ‘An African City’. The series has been lauded ‘The Next Sex and The City’, a ‘ground breaking web series’, and ‘one for the returnees’, as well as ‘Ghana’s own Girlfriends’. Now, as humorous as the show is, as a Ghanaian woman both educated and living outside of Ghana, I have to be skeptical about all this praise the show is receiving. Basically, these women are representing what I will supposedly look like in the next 5-8 years, and frankly, I don’t agree with the image. Let’s get right to the ‘why’: First of all, let’s touch on how very unrealistic this show is, setting-wise. If I ever decided I was moving back to Ghana, you can be certain it would not be into my own apartment that would require a two-year deposit, of anywhere up to $200,000, in advance….

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