The Two Most Dangerous Prayers You Should Be Praying

The two most powerful – and most dangerous – prayers you can pray as a Christian are ‘Use me.’ and ‘Your will, Lord, not mine.’ These two declarations are like lighting the fuse on a 4th of July fireworks display; you’re not quite sure what the exact timing of the explosion will be, but it has the potential to be both fatal to self and glorious in execution.

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What to Do With Your High Standards

Anyone old enough to have had any sort of life experience will tell you that you will get to a certain point in your mid-to-late 20s where people around you will begin to question your life choices – that is if they haven’t already. Questions will range from the timing of your masters and eventual PhD degree, to the number of kids you plan on having, and the exact number of years you plan on having between them.
If you happen to, like me, fall into the category of ‘still single’ during these blessed years, the situation will spiral downwards fairly quickly.


Why You’re Not Talking About Jesus (And How To Get Over It)

Evangelism. Let me start off by saying how much I dislike the word – not because I dislike the act in and of itself, but because I hate the imagery it has come to incite: people standing on street corners, condemning people of their sin and calling down hellfire on them unless they repent and turn to Jesus.
I think that we can agree that often evangelism has not been the church’s greatest strength (slavery, anyone?), but the heart of it is still important and relevant for us as Christians today, so I will use the word anyway and ask that you please refrain from gagging at its mention.


The Problem with Loving Life

Over the weekend my friends Angellah, Nana and I got into a discussion about materialism. Basically, it wasn’t so much about whether or not Christians should be wealthy or have nice things, but about where the thin line between enjoying God-given wealth and materialism lies, and how we can make sure we’re not crossing it.

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Slayed & Saved’s Guide to Thailand

First of all, let me just say that you have Taste of Thai and Taste of Thai Express in Ithaca, NY to thank for this post. An unhealthy addiction to Pad See Eew and Thai Iced Tea developed during my years at Cornell is definitely the reason Thailand hit number one on my ‘Places I’d Love to Travel to (Once I Can Afford to Travel)’ list.

Dear Diary Faith

Come Dirty

You know how you can randomly just be doing something, and suddenly a memory that was locked away in the recesses of your brain rushes to the surface, and you find yourself piecing together all the events, not entirely sure what you’re replaying is actually a memory until you do? And then you burst out laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the reality?
That was me yesterday when I remembered a time when one of my friends was really sick.
I know, I know – it doesn’t sound funny, but I assure you it was. It was a random day when said friend called asking if I had any malaria medicine.

Dear Diary Faith

The Three Most Important Lessons This Year Has Brought Me So Far

God is who He is, and will be who He will be, and not who you want Him to be or expect Him to be in any given season. He is not confined to your perception of Him, or of how He operates. As much as God doesn’t allow us to get comfortable in our seasons, He also doesn’t allow us to get comfortable in our knowledge of Him or how He functions, because then we’d become more confident in our own routines and processes of hearing from/receiving from/connecting with God, than in God Himself.
There was a time in my life when I would wake up at 4:30 every morning and spend time with God before heading to the gym and starting my day off.