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It’s not easy being an adult! I made the switch from daddypendent to independent about 6 months ago & it’s not a joke at all! I just got paid & I was drawing up budgets for shopping (YAASSSS) & bills & other things then realized I forgot about my tithe… Bruh! Anyway, I’m not as “rich” as I thought & shopping will have to wait until later. The struggle is real but diaris God lol!

Bruuuuuh lmao. It’s too real. I’ve been independent for 8 years now and I can’t say I’ve completely gotten used to taking care of myself. There are still days I wish I could call Daddy up and solicit funds lol. But you know, even on those days when it feels like my paycheck is spread real thin, or the future looks bleak, I never once think of reneging on my commitment to God with tithe, so I love how you chose to defer shopping till later. It’s not an easy choice to make in a world that says everything we earn is ours and for our sole benefit. We can be confident in the fact that in plenty or in little, God will honor our commitment to Him with our finances, and will bless us above and beyond our means to contain it!

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It’s so easy to be overwhelmed.

There’s more to do now than there ever has been in all of history, and if you’re like me, you try your best to do it all. Other times you have no choice – life is about survival, and if that means working two jobs and going to school to make ends meet, there’s very little say you have in the matter. There are bills to pay, papers to write, spreadsheets to comb through and deadlines to meet every which way you turn – not to mention the foreboding of all the unknowns, all the things tomorrow has (or doesn’t have) in store. And in those times of feeling overwhelmed, we make one of two choices: we either suck it up and keep pushing because no one is going to get things done if we don’t, or we have some degree of a breakdown and crawl up in a corner…

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Dirty Feet

The current going rate for a pedicure where I live is somewhere around $35. Now, while that might seem like not that much money to you, my economist-trained mind thinks of cost in terms of alternatives forgone. $35 is at least half a week’s worth of groceries. $35 is a bottomless Sunday brunch. $35 is 6 bottles of Trader Joe’s wine. $35 is an outfit from F21. $35 is 7 Baked and Wired cupcakes. $35 is two-thirds a bottle of Lancome’s Teint Idole ‘I Slay’ Ultra Foundation. $35 is a utility bill payment, y’all. Forget that my list of alternatives is like 90% food (food over everything btw) – point is, my feet get neglected a lot because other things just seem to take precedence over them. But don’t our feet get neglected a lot in general? They do the most and get the dirtiest and yet get the least attention…

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in Faith

Seeking Mr. Christian

This one is for the ladies guys, but of course, feel free to read on 🙂 “I want a God-fearing man!” said almost every Christian woman everywhere when asked what she’s looking for in a future partner. I definitely say it all the time myself… but have we ever really sat down and bothered to ask ourselves why? Why DO we want God-fearing men in our lives? Is it because we actually want to build a godly legacy with said man? Or is it because we think they are more likely to treat us right and less likely to cheat? *mic drop* Yea, I said it lol. As crazy as it is, I think it really is more of the latter than the former! We want a prudent man who will be patient and kind and caring, and provide for his family and be faithful – but really, you could…

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Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet

As much as I love cooking new and complicated dishes, I am an even bigger fan of cooking food that takes less than an hour from start to finish. This sweet potato skillet is one of my absolute favorites. It’s quick, healthy, tastes amazing, and will keep you well within your food budget. Even better than that, you’ll have enough to last you the whole week! Find the recipe below!   Ingredients: 1 large sweet potato, diced (small-med sized chunks) 3 large tricolored peppers or a bag of mini bell peppers, diced 1 link of Kielbasa, diced (or other protein of choice – works best with sausage). 1/2 large sweet onion, diced 1 pound asparagus or other veggie of choice, chopped 3 slices of bacon (optional – didn’t add it in the skillet pictured above, but it def adds flavor!), diced 1 clove garlic 1 tsp grated ginger (optional) 5 eggs Flavor god…

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We Will Not Be Shaken

I am always late when it comes to music. I’m never the first person to listen to an album when it drops unless I am already a huge fan of the artist or they’ve released some pretty good singles. But it’s rare. If you told me to check out an album or an artist, I probably wouldn’t for at least a year. And the reason why is because I believe music is supposed to be inspired. You listen to a song one day and it’s just plain catchy, but a month later you hear it and it’s almost as if you’re hearing it for the first time. In some weird way, I believe good music has a perfect timing to it. And when the time is right, suddenly the words hit home. Suddenly it clicks. That’s what Bethel’s We Will Not Be Shaken did to me yesterday. This album has…

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Remember Fox’s cult series 24 that followed Agent Jack Bauer on his quests to ensure American safety and safeguard national sovereignty? Well, I don’t, because I never watched it lol. But I DID find the premise interesting – that every season was exactly 24 hours. Never more, never less. And whatever Jack Bauer had to do to save the day, he only had 24 hours to do it. If he achieved all his goals, then the world would be safe for another day. If not, world destruction or domination was imminent. Basically, the future of the country was dependent on what Jack did with his 24 hours. Imagine if your life was an episode of 24 – that what you did with these 24 hours you had today would determine what your future would look like. Would you still sleep in till 1? Would you choose to simply get by in…

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