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What was it like dating unbelievers/non-religious men? Would you do it again? And how do you stay motivated in terms of education and your faith?

Dating unbelievers: it was great while it lasted lol. I actually like all my exes/guys I dated (there aren’t that many of them). Some of them were unbelievers, others questioning believers. At the time my faith wasn’t really as much of a core part of who I am as it is now, so I never really viewed those relationships through the lens of my faith – at least not to as great of an extent as I do now. Would I do it now? No. And it’s tough sometimes, because I know some great guys. But for the life I’m trying to lead? Forget the celibacy and all that jazz – I’m talking about Purpose. You can’t fulfill your God-given purpose with someone who doesn’t believe in it or in Him. I’m talking about Legacy. What will your kids grow up believing? That Santa and the Easter Bunny are the…

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in Lifestyle

Laying the Foundation

I am an (un)certified product junkie, and it doesn’t help that some of my closest friends are the same. We are always swapping advice and ideas about what the best new products are, what eyeliner to use for the best wing, and which powder is the best for baking. But our most important discussions always center around what the best foundation is because… well, it’s the foundation. It sets the precedence for everything else! Now, there are different kinds of foundation – powder, liquid, cream, powder-to-cream, etc, etc – but I generally gravitate towards the liquid end of that spectrum. Liquid is easier to manipulate when it comes to coverage (light to full, depending on your preference), and a good water-based foundation will work with even the oiliest of skins. I’m no makeup guru, but with advice from some of the ones in my life and my own testing skills,…

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in Faith

My Own Worst Enemy

As humans we have the tendency to look outwards when we face trouble of some sort of the other – we look to assign blame to others in order to heal our own wounds. Friends who lie to us, family who hurt us, the devil – anyone other than ourselves can pretty much shoulder the guilt for what we feel inside. Because so long as we are not the ones to blame, we can move on without really having to address the possibility that it’s something in us that is wrong. That something in us was perhaps broken somewhere that needs to be mended – or that perhaps we are the perpetrators of our own pain, that we are our own victims. Perhaps we have been walking around while bleeding internally from one incident or the other, and these open wounds are causing us more external complications than we could…

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in Faith

Withstanding the Drought Pt 3: Pray As If Life Depended On It (Because It Does)

Last we left Elijah, he was a long-term guest in the widow’s house, God having provided food for her and her household to see them through the drought. So life was pretty good at this point. I’m guessing Elijah had found his comfort zone and was just waiting to ride the next few years of drought out and see what was next for him. He’d probably become fast friends with the widow, playing catch with her son in the front yard and teaching him all the things that his own father would have if he had still been alive. They didn’t have meat or any delicacies, but they were well-fed. They were happy. They were alive. Then one day, the unexpected happens: the widow’s son became gravely ill, and eventually died. Some time later the woman’s son became sick. He grew worse and worse, and finally he died. Then she said to…

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in Stories

Dana’s Story: Faith, Marriage and Motherhood (Pt. 2)

At this point in the conversation we were joined by a teething Ava as we discussed what it’s like watching Ava grow, meeting her husband Alex, and how they have gone on to grow in faith as a family. So, I know from reading your blog that you had two losses before having Ava – I can imagine that finding out you were pregnant yet again must have been a difficult experience to say the least. Do you think there was a moment when you really exhaled? When you put your fears aside and said, ‘this is going to be OK – she’s going to be OK.’? Gosh, I think my exhale moment with Ava was when she was born. It was such a long drawn out thing – I was actually in the hospital for a while before she came. Because I had lost two pregnancies before her, I…

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in Faith

Beautifully In Over My Head

One of the reasons I try my very best to stay away from large, expansive bodies of water is my completely rational fear of drowning. I have no shame in admitting this lol. There is something unstable and unpredictable about water as a force of nature – and a force that is uncontrollable is generally one that I want no part of. At the same time, having lived long enough, I know that the fear of drowning is not restricted to situations that involve bodies of water. Life itself can prove to be an even greater expanse with its own threats of going under. It is not at all uncommon to find ourselves overwhelmed and gasping for air as life’s many waves crash over us: bills, family crises, bad relationships, bad choices, job demands and hurting hearts, just to name a few. So how do you survive drowning? How do…

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in Faith

Find Your People

Growing up I went from being the loner who mostly kept to herself to being the girl who was consistently in the midst of people. Getting closer to God meant becoming less self-conscious and more sure of my identity and my value, which in turn meant better relationships. But even as I grew less and less self-conscious, I grew more and more self-aware – aware of how situations and things and people affected me. I became more sensitive to the actions and inactions of others and how they in turn shaped my reactions and actions, both present and future – I even became more sensitive to my own failures and shortcomings and imperfections. I am aware now more than ever that people have the ability to retard your growth and take you back to a place of confusion and fear and doubt, and sometimes without ever even knowing it themselves. At the…

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in Food, Kitchen

Simple Scones Recipe

Ingredients 2 cups floor 1/3 cup sugar (1/2 cup if you like it a little sweeter) 1 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1 stick of frozen butter 1/2 cup raisins and/or other dried fruit 1/2 cup sour cream 1 large egg Instructions Preheat oven to 400 In a medium sized bowl or mixer bowl (I use a Kitchen Aid mixer stand with the kneading attachment) mix dry ingredients Grate in frozen stick of butter using the large grating holes. Mix together with hands or mixer until fine crumb texture is obtained Add dried fruit In a small bowl, whisk egg and sour cream together and mix gradually into dry ingredients until ball of dough is formed Place dough on lightly flour-dusted surface and pat it out into circular shape about 1/2-3/4 inch thick Slice into triangles Take out cookie sheet and cover in parchment paper Transfer triangles…

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