I like to think of myself as a purveyor of all things new and foreign. I’m open to trying anything at least once, and often regardless of cost. So when I caught wind of this amazing ClassPass deal – $19 for 5 classes – I had to jump on it, both for me and in order to share the experience.


The Rundown – What Is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a ‘new kind of gym membership’ that allows you access to a variety of classes and gyms in your area and across the US. How does this differ from signing up for a gym membership and taking different classes they offer, you ask? I asked the same thing. The difference is that ClassPass offers you access to classes that your average gym doesn’t offer. From pro form pilates, to yoga, barre, crossfit, boxing and jazzercize, and all with different instructors who challenge you in different ways. Trust me, I used to have a gym membership and took advantage of all those LesMills and Zumba classes and this was not that.

The cost of ClassPass varies across the country, but ranges from $55 for 5 classes a month in DC to $150 for unlimited classes. Now given that the average membership fee for any specialized fitness studio is around the $160 per month price range ($360 a month for Solidcore – apparently this is the price you have to pay for having arms like Michelle Obama’s), this is a pretty good deal for access to thousands of gyms and studios both in your area and across the country.


The Classes.

The first class I signed up for was Pro Pilates – Reformer style. Mind you, I had never been on one of these contraptions, probably because it resembles something that was used in 18th century dungeons to torture traitors to the Crown. But it wasn’t so bad. Challenging, yes, but I didn’t leave there feeling like I’d never return ever again or in a world of pain. It was nice that the 5:30am class only had two attendees, so the instructor was able to break it down for me. I feel like it’s something I could do more regularly… if I didn’t get bored with regularity.

IMG_2776The next workout I tried was Barre. Now let me just be honest and tell you that this was the absolute last class I wanted to take. As someone who is into lifting and trying to out-lift men in the gym, I thought I’d be bored out of my mind doing plies and curtsies. Oh how mistaken I was. Barre is THE single most difficult and challenging workout I have done in my life. I feel like it might very well parallel childbirth (not that I have given birth, but if my monthly cramps are any indication…). If you want to be challenged like you never have before, try Barre. If you want to see grown women visibly shaking and crying, give Barre a shot. I worked out muscles I wasn’t aware even existed.  I left that workout in so much pain and swearing I would never ever return. I’m not scared of very much, but I am scared shitless of Barre studios…

So of course when the Barre studio down the street offered a 2 week unlimited class trial for $39 I just had to sign up. No pain, no gain, yes? lolIMG_2790

The third class I took was kickboxing at UFC. I LOVED this class. It was fierce and challenging, and I got to kick and punch things – what’s there not to love? If you’re as non-confrontational as I am, sometimes you forget to take your frustrations to Jesus and just need somewhere to bang them out. The instructor was so fun and helpful (and kinda cute), and I left the studio with sweat pouring from my body after an hour. I am seriously contemplating getting a membership here, or at the very least getting my own boxing bag.IMG_2812

The fourth class I was supposed to take was an ADR conditioning class – but after a weekend with no sleep in NYC, I was not in the mood to condition anything and I skipped the class. Bad decision – and I’ll tell you why in my verdict.

My fifth class found me back at UFC boxing this AM. And THIS time I actually had a mental image in my head of someone I wanted to punch, so I think I had a much better work out!


The Verdict:

OK. So what’s my take? I think $150 is a fair price to pay for unlimited classes at thousands of studios… If you have $150 to pay. For someone who cancelled her $30 gym membership because her apartment gym got renovated, I don’t know if I’m willing to commit to another $120 for variety. And part of the reason for that is that while there were a variety of studios and workouts to choose from, getting to different places required the kind of planning and scheduling that just waking up and going to the gym 7 floors above me did not. If you have a car, the time, and $150 to spare, it is SOOOOOOO worth the cost.

The one caveat that I referred to earlier is this: If you can’t make a class and don’t cancel 12 hours in advance, you’ll be charged a $30 missed class fee. A motivation to not miss if there ever was one, but things come up. I don’t know if I’m willing to be charged $30 every time something comes up.

I’m still all for shopping around and trying new things when it comes to health and fitness, but I’m more inclined to take advantage of the cheaper offers different studios have, instead of locking myself into ClassPass.

That being said, can’t wait to try out Solidcore this weekend!

But for $19 I think everyone should give it a try for themselves! Let me know what you think!