Darling, you could have 15 years of experience and still not know what you want to do. And you’re never really going to know until you actually try something. But here’s my advice:

1. Start with your passions. Those are from God. They’re already put inside you. Figure out what they are.

2. Ask questions. Ask people who studied what you did, or are passionate about the things you are and made a career out of them, how they did it. Network. Email people you know and ask them to connect you with people they know in those fields. ASK QUESTIONS. INVESTIGATE. Understand that it’s OK not to know, but you will hurt yourself more by not seeking counsel from those who do than you ever will by not knowing.

3. Do research – where did people who studied what you do go on to? Do any of those things sound appealing? If so, Follow the yellow brick road.

4. Write down what you want to do. Really. Doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds, or if you’ve never heard of a job like that before. Doesn’t matter how unrealistic it is or how unqualified you are. Chances are that there is someone somewhere doing what you want to if you look hard enough, or willing to help you make your dream a reality. And yes, you can.

5. Don’t stick to the conventional. Be willing to explore. Understand that there is no one road to success, and life is such that you will sometimes have to take detours along the way. Not every job is conventional, but every job can equip you with the skills necessary to succeed.

Enjoy your journey. It won’t always look rosy, but it is yours. Take opportunities, and where you don’t have any, don’t be afraid to make them. God is with you every step of the way, but when it comes to faith, you actually need to take a step, and trust Him to direct your path.