Well love, first off, know that God is always speaking. We’re either not listening or don’t know how to tune in. If I gave you a radio but you didn’t know how to turn it on or how to tune into the station you wanted to listen to, doesn’t mean you or the radio is broken. It just means you need a little more information 🙂

The first step to hearing God is to understand what He ‘sounds’ like. You have to recognize His ‘voice’.

‘Hearing’ God isn’t always what you think. Hearing isn’t always an audible voice – actually it rarely is. Hearing God can be that feeling of peace about a decision. it can be an open door – or a closed one. It can be a dream, vision, deep-seated intuition, divine understanding and instinct. I always refer people to a book my pastor wrote – Contact: The Practical Science of Hearing from God – that outlines some of the many ways you can hear from God. Personally, it’s always instinct and understanding that couldn’t possibly come from me. When you know how God communicates, and how He communicates with

The second step to hearing God is to silence the voices that are competing with His. We live in a world where everyone and everything has an opinion and is more than ready to share it with you in 140 characters or less – and they shout it. Sometimes to hear more clearly you have to shut up the people and things around you, because God rarely shouts – He whispers. And He whispers because He’s close. You have to tune out to tune in. You just have to turn off the distractions and tune in. There are times I take a break from going out, or watching TV, or food (my biggest distraction lol) to tune in and really listen for God’s voice in that season I’m in. And when I silence everything else, His voice is loud and clear.

The more you know what to look for – what His voice sounds like – and the more you tune out and tune in, the clearer His voice will be, and the more you will be able to recognize it even in the most turbulent of situations.

Finally, have you ever wondered how Peter was able to hear Jesus’ voice even in the storm? When he called him to walk out on water? It’s because he knew his masters voice. He had an intimate relationship with him. If you’ve ever worked with babies like I do sometimes at church, you know that no matter what is going on around them, how much you try to get their attention, when a baby hears it’s mom or dad’s voice they hear nothing else – they will cry until they see them for themselves. It is evidence of an intimate relationship. To hear God’s voice, and distinguish it from all others, you have to KNOW HIM. And you can only do that by being in your Word. Knowing how He speaks, and what His heart and will is for His children. If you don’t KNOW your Father, and intimately, it will be much more difficult to recognize His voice from an imposter’s. If you don’t know God intimately, you might mistake the voice that says ‘this is punishment for that sin’ as His. And sometimes God’s voice IS His Word. All the basics are right there, neatly organized for your reference. The Word is alive and active and has the ability to speak directly to your situation today as it did to Moses’ centuries ago.

So read your Word. Meditate on it day and night.

John 10:27:

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.