There are a few things I do every morning before I leave my bed & one of them is checking your blog for new posts. But before I had a job, I would constantly check (morning, afternoon, evening and in-between) & if it was one of those days when you did not post anything I would wonder to myself, “What is she doing?!” lol. Then one day them same thing happened & I heard a little voice say, “She has a life, she does not live to write blog posts for you!” I started laughing because a. It was true., b. That was God. No two ways about that & He does not mince his words haha! I still check every morning & when it’s an early morning post I am so happy because I can read it before work! And if it’s a long post or a post put up later in the day (I check my phone at work lol), I have something to look forward to after work. Anyway, thank you so much for your blog! It really is amazing and has really helped me through this difficult season I am in :). And as always, Namaslay. p.s. Please what is S&S?

Hahaha! I am still getting settled in my new routine and trying to figure out what works best for posting times, so I appreciate the feedback and the kind words! I don’t know if I’d say I have a life per se, but I definitely have things to do haha.

S&S is essentially Slayed & Saved – more specifically the stories of other people living Slayed & Saved. People who are balancing their lives and careers and passions and responsibilities and struggles with their faith. It’s definitely my favorite part of this blog, so I’m excited to share more stories with you!