Hi, I don’t know how to read my bible. I do devotionals that reference bible verses but I want to actually read the Bible. Where do I start?

Hey love!

There are a lot of different ways to read the Bible, but Devotionals are a great place to start. I’d suggest starting off by reading for context. So when you read those Bible verses that come with the devotionals, read the entire chapter as well. Figure out what exactly the writer wanted to say.

The second way I’d suggest reading it is chronologically – at the beginning. There’s a reason the Bible is in the order it’s in – it tells a story. So start at the beginning and work your way through to the end. And before you open it each time, pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring the words alive to you in ways you never imagined. Ask for wisdom and understanding.

The last tip I’d give is this: don’t be afraid to ask questions. Seek out answers. Contend with what you’re reading. Look at the nuances – why that statement was made that way, or what the Hebrew word means and why it was used the way it was. Google things to find out what was happening in the region during the time of Joseph, or to figure out the root of the Greek word for Grace. Toggle between versions of the Bible. For me reading the Bible is like going on a treasure hunt – there is always something waiting to be found. I circle, and underline, and highlight, and scribble in the margins until I find where X marks the spot – the revelation or answer I’m looking for.

Your Bible is a treasure map to God’s purpose and plan not only for humanity, but for you as an individual. But you have to be willing to dig deep with the Holy Spirit to figure it out. As Proverbs 25 says:

It is God’s privilege to conceal things
and the king’s privilege to find them out.

You are royalty love. Happy Finding 🙂