Hey Hun!

God’s word is more practical than we think – and while the intricacies of our lives are not all going to be spelt out (like what classes you should take in college), it’s the best place to start. Too many times I’ve found God’s word just comes alive and suddenly becomes relevant to my situation when I need it most.

For the things that we need extra guidance on, it’s really as simple as asking Him. We talk to God so often but never really expect to hear back from Him – it’s like making a call but not expecting the person you called to say anything back… why call at all? You have to believe that when you ask a question, God is able to answer. And you have to be attentive to the answer.

Most important of all is to remember that God lives IN you. He has specifically placed certain gifts and desires in your for a purpose – His purpose, and He is consistently using those desires and yearnings to draw you towards where it is He wants you to be. If you have a passion for writing, write. Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to study English, but just be attentive to those inner urges – so long as they are in line with God’s word.

ALSO, accept that you will make wrong turns. You will make bad choices. You will go left when God wants you to go right. There are so many competing voices and influences in our lives and in the world that we aren’t always going to be able to hear God’s clearly. But trust that He is the God who works ALL things together for our good, and there is no wrong choice you can make that will disqualify you from your purpose in Him. Trust that as able as He is to open the right doors, He is equally as able to shut the wrong ones. Pray for God not only to show you the way to go, but to keep you from the things that are not in His Will for you.