Hi love,

Well the Bible is a great place to start! I always like to encourage people not to be dependent on hearsay or someone else’s account of God, because just reading books written about God won’t feed you the way the one written BY Him will.

Aside from that, Max Lucado is great all-round. Christine Caine and Lisa Bevere too. And my current fave is Steven Furtick’s Crash the Chatterbox. Mark Batterson’s The Circle Maker changed my life.

That being said, most of these aren’t targeted specifically towards women. I’m not a fan of feel-good chick flick ministry. I think too much of women’s ministry is focused on how to get a man, how to wait for a man, how to live with a man, or how to please a man as a good wife. We need less women of God consumed with finding their Boaz and more women focused on walking out their purpose in Christ. Both Christine and Lisa do an amazing job of propelling women into becoming all God has called us to be without getting bogged down in this spiritual emotionality and dependency that we’ve been sold by the patriarchal agenda.

Hope this helps!