So, funny (or not so funny) story: When I moved to Ghana at 8 and started class four, I knew next to nothing about grammar. I remember taking an English test and getting a big old zero, and my father and sister laughing at me because for the question that asked for an example of a verb, I put ‘Kofi’.


Well, I graduated junior high with 9 One’s and high school with 7 A1’s (distinction by any means) AND I graduated from an Ivy, so joke’s on them! lol

The reason I bring up this story is because I find that sometimes I have issues with my spiritual grammar too. In particular, I find that I battle heavily with qualifiers – the things and people and circumstances from which I find my sense of value. And my qualifiers have changed over time – from society and friendships and relationships to degrees, jobs, and checking account balances, I have attributed my value to so many different things. And what usually happens is that I either don’t feel like I ever measure up to the standards set by those qualifiers, or they never satisfy my desire for more – for greater. I always end up feeling less-than, feeling shame, and feeling like a failure. And so I get stuck in the cycle, looking for the next word or job or relationship that will bring me the type of meaningful existence that the previous one could not.

But I have learnt (and am still learning) that nothing can qualify you quite like God does. No one and nothing else can bring meaning to your existence like He does.

The world tells you you are one in 7 billion, and He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Your career says you are just another cog in a big wheel spun by ‘the Man’, and He says you have a purpose that is uniquely yours.

The people in your life measure you up against anything and everything they can find, and God sees you for you and the glory for which you were created, and He says you are worthy just as you are.

Because we were created in the image of God, our identity – our value – can only lie in Him and who He says we are. Thank God He has so many wonderful qualifiers for our lives!