Sometimes I still feel like I have to monitor God in some aspects of my life lol

I say: “God- can we collaborate on this life thing? Can I give you suggestions about what I want this to look like? Tell you what would work best for me?”

And He gives me the side-eye, laughs, and shakes His head.

“Child, you had the reigns, and look at where it got you!” He says.

“ But,” I protest, “I just need you to know some things about me… you know, my preferences and what-not”

“Really?” He chuckles. “Like what? Pray tell.”

“Well… like, in terms of the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want him to be-”

“Wait-” God interjects “Let me get a pen!” He feigns a search for a writing instrument.

I frown, but He smiles.

“Continue” He says. “I’m listening.”

“Well…” I say, choosing my words carefully, “I want a man who is as passionate about You and life as I am. I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who understands my devotion to You and matches that. And while height isn’t really an issue, I’d PREFER someone 6 ft and above… oh and he-”

God puts His hand up, signaling me to pause.

“Let me see if I can take a crack at this. You want a man who is caring- who doesn’t need to spend every second of his day with you, but wants to…” He begins, staring intently into my eyes, as though peering right into my soul.

“You want to marry someone who respects you-not just as a fellow human being- but as a wife, the mother of his children, and one hell of an intelligent and successful woman. You want to be with someone who encourages you to dream bigger, challenges you, supports you, and inspires you with everything he does. You want a man who loves to clean, because while you love to cook, the sight of food residue on dirty dishes makes you gag. You want a husband who loves old school R&B, and will pull you out of bed to slow dance in the middle of a Saturday, because while you love the idea of doing just that, you’d never initiate it. You want a husband who tells you you look better without makeup, and takes pictures of you when you’re not looking. You want a man who sends you flowers because he knows you well enough to know that flowers mean the world to you. You want the type of man who will love your kids the way your father loved you- the way I have loved you- and will be a role model to them, and a testimony to the fact that hard work and dedication to Me pay off. You want to share your life with a man who cares about living a whole, balanced life, puts others before himself, loves deeply and passionately, overlooks your flaws, and treats you like the gift from God that you are. Need I continue?” He asks, eyebrow raised.

“How… how did you know all that?” I ask amazed.

God smiles and pulls me close.

“Darling, before I even created you, I knew you. I knew what you would like and dislike. I knew you’d have that birth mark under your eye. I knew bananas would gross you out. I knew you’d have a heart for music and feet that never stopped dancing. Don’t you see? I KNOW you- all of you- far better than you will ever know yourself. The world will project onto you its desires and its standards- but I KNOW you! I know your potential- I created you for a purpose. Now, given that I know you so intimately, and that you are precious to me, do you really think I’d leave something as important as the man I entrust you with to chance? That I’d let you in on this to screw it up?”

“Now,” He continued more sternly, “I’m not saying he will be perfect. Like you, He will be flawed. The movies have sold you an image of the perfect boyfriend- but that image is not necessarily perfect for you. He will not always do what you want, when you want it. He won’t always do his very best- and neither will you. But don’t worry about that. That’s where I come in. If you allow me, I can help turn even the most difficult situations around.”

I sigh.

“So basically… I just have to trust You?”

He lets out a deep laugh and hugs me tighter.

“Yes My Love. Trust Me.”