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Slayed & Saved’s Guide to Thailand

First of all, let me just say that you have Taste of Thai and Taste of Thai Express in Ithaca, NY to thank for this post. An unhealthy addiction to Pad See Eew and Thai Iced Tea developed during my years at Cornell is definitely the reason Thailand hit number one on my ‘Places I’d Love to Travel to (Once I Can Afford to Travel)’ list.

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S&S Summer Bucket List 2016!!!

Summer is heeeeere!
School is out and  work is winding down and everyone is planning vacations – including myself  – and there’s a bunch of stuff I’m looking forward to trying out, places I want to go, and things I want to do! So I thought to myself – why not come up with a Summer Bucket List?!!
So here it is, my bucket list that’ll kick off June 1st – feel free to join in by hashtagging #SSSummer16.

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McDonalds, Barbie, and Successful Cultural Adaptation in India

I don’t eat fast food that often. but on the rarest occasion that I do go to McDonalds (it’s almost unavoidable on a road trip), I order my usual Number 1: A medium-sized Big Mac Meal. I have been to McDonalds in America, France and London, and a Number 1 was pretty much universal to me. The menus across the three countries, while a little different in branding, pretty much remained the same.
And then I stepped into a McDonalds in Mumbai where a Number 1 was most certainly not a Big Mac. “We don’t serve Big Macs here.” I was told. My eyes scanned the menu overhead. Mc Aloo Tikka. McVeggie. McSpicy Paneer. McEgg. Spicy Masala Chicken. But no Big Mac.

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The India Example: Alleviating Social Pressures and Fueling Growth and Development

If you’ve been following my blog posts you know I spent the last week in Mumbai, India. I was there on a consulting project for school, working with a multi-billion dollar company involved in several areas of commerce- but specifically with their real estate business. The end goal was to help them figure out ways in which to make their affordable housing more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, given Mumbai’s over-population and the ever rising pressures on social amenities and infrastructure in the region.
For me, it was also an opportunity to look at a topic I’ve always been interested in practically: comparative growth between Africa and Asia.