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25 Random Facts About Me

It just occurred to me the other day that many people probably have no idea who I am – and it probably doesn’t help that the ‘About Me’ page isn’t really about ME lol. It probably stems from the fact that I hate talking about myself/self-promotion (took me forever to jump on the hashtag bandwagon), but I think it’s only fair that you get to know more about me than the things I struggle with every day.
So here it goes!

I am 26 and the youngest of four kids. By far. My twin brothers and sister are a year apart, and I showed up 6 years later. I joked once to my father that I was clearly the ‘mistake baby’.

Faith Nuggets

Strengthen Your Core

As I begin to plan out my schedule for #ProjectHopefullyIWillHaveABeachBodyThisYear, I am forcing myself to input days solely for core exercises. Core workouts are the ones I despise the most. I will run on a treadmill for an hour, or pull a weighted sled half a block, but ask me to do a plank and I’m out. lol.
Core exercises are painful. Core exercises boring. Core exercises take the longest to show results.
And yet it is core exercise that is most essential to any workout routine. When your core is in shape, you can run faster, walk longer, lift heavier and in correct form.
And the reason why is because your core, essentially, determines your stability.

Faith Nuggets

Seeking Mr. Christian

This one is for the ladies guys, but of course, feel free to read on 🙂

“I want a God-fearing man!” said almost every Christian woman everywhere when asked what she’s looking for in a future partner. I definitely say it all the time myself… but have we ever really sat down and bothered to ask ourselves why? Why DO we want God-fearing men in our lives?
Is it because we actually want to build a godly legacy with said man?
Or is it because we think they are more likely to treat us right and less likely to cheat?
*mic drop*
Yea, I said it lol.



Remember Fox’s cult series 24 that followed Agent Jack Bauer on his quests to ensure American safety and safeguard national sovereignty?
Well, I don’t, because I never watched it lol. But I DID find the premise interesting – that every season was exactly 24 hours. Never more, never less. And whatever Jack Bauer had to do to save the day, he only had 24 hours to do it. If he achieved all his goals, then the world would be safe for another day. If not, world destruction or domination was imminent. Basically, the future of the country was dependent on what Jack did with his 24 hours.


Facing Doubt

Somehow, we have come to believe that faith comes easily – that it is a singular choice you make on the day you perform the ritual of raising your hand at the end of a church service to accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior.
Well, while it has been at least two decades since I made the decision to accept Jesus into my life, tomorrow marks 2 years since I made a public commitment to him by getting baptized. And in two years of doing life on God’s terms, I realize now that we have believed wrong.
Yes, faith is a choice – but it is not one that you make just once.


Remember all those times you thought your sky was falling?

When you were panicked because of some deadline or some deficiency or the other?
When you couldn’t see how you’d make it through what you were battling with emotionally, physically, mentally or financially?
Well, you’re still here. Still kicking. Still living. You may be trudging. You may even be standing still. But you’re still here. Still standing. Still pushing.
God didn’t leave you for dead then, and He won’t now.
Meditate on that.


This is such a key Bible verse for Christians everywhere.

(And not just the ending part that people always quote)
“… I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little. For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

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Here’s to 7 out of 77…

What Lie Are You Believing?

What false report?
What words of negativity were spoken over your life that have taken root in your heart and sprouted seeds of doubt and fear without you even knowing it?
Seeds that started off as tiny shoots but have grown to be a field of weeds in which nothing good can grow? In which the promises of God just can’t take root?
We all have them, but to be honest, I didn’t think I had any till yesterday when God showed me just how much a single statement had made me a slave to a spirit of worthlessness – a slave to the same lie the enemy has used since Adam: ‘you are not enough’.


A Prayer for Families

Dear God,
I just want to come before you today and just thank you that you are a good father who loves His children. I thank you because since it is in your nature to be good, that you want good things for us. But God, I know that while your will for us is good and perfect and pleasing, that the enemy is at work to destroy those good things that you made Father: families.
God you created the concept of families to provide community and safety and love and protection – an earthly and physical manifestation of your very heart and being for us. But we are living in a time where so many families are hurting God. Parents are hurting and hurting each other.



The word the Bible uses to describe the formation of man is yaster – ‘to mold or shape’, as a potter with clay.
The word the Bible uses to describe the formation of woman is banah, which means built – the same word used to describe making palaces and temples and forms of art.
Darling – you are a masterpiece.

Dear Diary Nuggets

Just a Few Thoughts I Had Today…

A lot of women (myself/ past self included) have sex before they’re actually ready and outside of the context of marriage because we have fallen prey to the cultural norm that relationships=sex. Like, if you have a man, you have to have sex to please/keep him or maintain the relationship. Like there can be no relationship without sex. Somehow sex has become synonymous with commitment.
It’s such a lie.
A lot of men get into relationships not because they actually want one or are ready for it but because relationships give them a pseudo-legitimate avenue to regular sex.


I just had a thought.

Life without God is meaningless.
And someone might think, well I don’t believe in any god, and I have a meaningful life.
But it’s not quite true. If you think hard enough, there is ALWAYS something in your life that serves as a god – I know there are things in my life that do even though I do believe in Him. There will always be those things on which you focus your attention and find value and satisfaction in and that guide your path and decisions: careers, money, the desire for more things.


Conversations with God

Sometimes I still feel like I have to monitor God in some aspects of my life lol
I say: “God- can we collaborate on this life thing? Can I give you suggestions about what I want this to look like? Tell you what would work best for me?”
And He gives me the side-eye, laughs, and shakes His head.
“Child, you had the reigns, and look at where it got you!” He says.
“ But,” I protest, “I just need you to know some things about me… you know, my preferences and what-not”
“Really?” He chuckles. “Like what? Pray tell.”
“Well… like, in terms of the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.


14 Traits of Humble People

They are teachable
They are influenceable
They are corrected without defense or offense
They rejoice when others are exalted
There is no job that is too small for them
They don’t have to be right
They naturally seek the advice of others
They pray – a prayerless life is a sign of pride and haughtiness
They freely admit their flaws, mistakes and sins
They live to help others succeed
They aren’t entitled
They are patient
They let other people have a better story than theirs
They honor people when they are talking, even when they don’t agree


The Journey

There are days when I’m tempted to think:
“Look how far I’ve come!”
But then I stop myself because I realize, man, I’m more of a mess now than I was two years ago – I need Jesus now more than I ever did!
And not because I’m ‘sinning’ more (though I very well might be… I don’t exactly have a measuring stick for this). No, we’ve been conditioned to think that change is simply the act of crossing off sins. I don’t do this or that anymore, so I’m good… NOT.
We’ve come to believe that God’s primary focus is to get us to stop sinning.