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The Message in the Storm Pt. 6: Weathering the Storm

It was late at night. Dinner had been over for a couple of hours, and Jesus was tired. He overheard the disciples murmuring about how they could see the weariness in his eyes and in his gait all the way to the Mount of Olives. And now he was at Gethsemane, with his three closest friends: Peter, James and John.
He looked up at the dark sky and realized it was star-less… pitch black. He couldn’t help but wonder if His Father had done this on purpose- a sign to him of what was ahead. The agony invoked by the mere thought of it was overwhelming. 
He turned to his friends:
“Peter, John, James… I know what’s about to happen will be hard on you.

Devotions Faith

The Message in the Storm Pt. 5: Fear and Faith in the Storm

Today’s passage has me laughing every time I read it:
That day, at evening, Jesus said to his followers, “Come with me across the lake.” So they left the crowd behind and went with Jesus in the boat he was already in. There were also other boats that went with them. A very bad wind came up on the lake. The waves were coming over the sides and into the boat, and it was almost full of water. Jesus was inside the boat, sleeping with his head on a pillow. (Mark 4:35-38)
I can’t even begin to imagine how pissed I’d be if I’d followed Jesus onto that boat, leaving the safe shore and crowds behind, and rowing straight into a storm while he slept comfortably on a pillow down below.

Devotions Faith

The Message in the Storm Pt. 4: God’s Heart in the Storm

Have you ever doubted that God cares?
I definitely have.
It’s like you know He’s there, and He’s all-powerful, you just doubt He’s as concerned about what you’re going through as you are.
The break up.
The loss of a family member or a friend.
An unemployment situation.
An empty bank account.
We know He’s all-knowing, but somehow He seems ridiculously absent and uncaring in those situations.


The Message in the Storm Part 1: Understanding the Storm

Let’s talk about Lazarus.
I know, I know. We’ve heard this story a million times. Man dies. Jesus resurrects him. Hurray! The end.
But haven’t you ever wondered, why did Lazarus even have to die in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at the story- The TBE version (Told By Eudora lol):
The Bible account of Lazarus’ death didn’t begin with Lazarus actually being dead. Lazarus was sick. And gravely so. So Mary and Martha, his sisters, sent word to Jesus saying “Jesus, the one you love (Lazarus) is very sick”.
Now a little background here: Lazarus was Jesus’ homeboy. I’m not sure of the details, maybe they’d built some chairs together, I don’t know lol.