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I Am Mary.

Have you ever read the gospels and found yourself astounded by the number of Mary’s that were involved in the events of the time? It’s almost like watching a modern day play where every other female character is named Jennifer, and yet every Jennifer has a distinct personality, and is somehow involved in her own concurrent plot.
Now, I’m no theater major – I’ve never even watched a show on Broadway. I didn’t study literature and have never read Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet (though I am preferential to the adaptation that featured Aaliyah), and I’m not a hundred percent sure what a sonnet is – but I do know a literary device when I see one.



I never understood the story of Samson and Delilah, even when I was a child. Don’t get me wrong – it was an intriguing enough story; a man who had such power coming from just his hair. And as I grew older, I couldn’t help but picture Samson a la Man Bun (don’t tell me you can’t see it), a sort of Sinbad-esque figure, slaying beasts. But despite my hyper imagination, the story was one that still left me with one burning question:
What the heck was wrong with this dude?
It’s one thing to have a deceptive wife, but it’s a whole other thing to be married to someone who is CLEARLY trying to get you killed.


The Real [Desperate] Housewives of Haran

There have always been stories in the Bible that puzzled me. Jacob stealing Esau’s blessings. Saul hunting down David. David taking Berthsheba for himself. Amazing men of God who were purposed for greatness and yet at the same time seemed to have so many hit-and-miss moments. Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself in many of these stories, gleaning for some level of wisdom or understanding. Afterall, the Bible is not just a guide for us on how to live life, but also very much a cautionary tale on how not to.
So I wasn’t surprised that I found myself wrestling today with the story of Rachel and Leah, the Desperate Housewives of Haran (and perhaps rightfully so).

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Tips for a DO BETTER New Year

Since we’re all still on that ‘New Year, New Me’ buzz, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you some of the practical things I do to keep spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy.
Become a morning person

I know this is easier said than done, but there’s something about waking up early that I finds helps me feel a little more excited and positive about the day. I’m more cheerful, more productive, and I just find I’m a better person overall than when I laze in bed until the final alarm goes off. The key to becoming a morning person is very simple: go to bed earlier.

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The Carpenter’s Son

Colossians 1:15-20

I spent 9 of my most formative years growing up in Ghana, and in middle school in Ghana, there’s a subject that every student has to take called Pre-Technical Skills. Basically, it’s the equivalent of Shop Work or Wood Work, but with a heavy emphasis on the technical skills needed to build things – perfecting angles and lines, and understanding how to draw a blueprint before actually setting forth to create a piece of work.
And man, did I hate Pre-tech.

Dear Diary Faith

The Miracle in the Mundane

I have seen miracles – but not in the ways you would think.
When I graduated college, the ER became a pretty routine part of my life. In fact, the summer of 2013 saw me in the ER at least five times, and in the doctor’s office running tests at least another six or seven. These visits were triggered by random events: my throat closing up in the middle of a work day when I’ve never had an allergy in my life, numbness in my extremities, vertigo, difficulty breathing… My most recent visit to the ER was triggered by severe chest pains – the kind that convinced me that I was really about to join my Maker.


Watch and Pray

It’s just a little over a week until the New Year comes round and of course the buzz of the holidays is all around. I can’t even begin to count the number of ‘What are your holiday plans?’ conversations I’ve had in the last few weeks, or justify the amount of food I’ve eaten at all these holiday parties. And while the excitement of spending time away from work with friends and family and a lot of good food would get anyone excited, I think if I could pick a word to describe what I feel more of than excited at this moment, it would be attentive.


Choosing Life

I will not die; instead, I will live
    to tell what the Lord has done.
– Psalm 118:7

Twenty-SEVEN. It’s not an age I thought I’d ever attain. Not because I expected to die prematurely or anything of the sort, but just because it’s not an age you see yourself at. I could grapple with 26 and all the existential questions that came with passing the 25 mark and being inducted into the dreaded 26-35 life grouping, but somehow imagined life would speed up from there and I’d simply hit 30 and I’d be in a much more settled place when it came to self and all else.
Joke was on me.

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The Great Purge

With the end of the year for me always comes the ‘Great Purge’ – a time to get rid of unnecessary things in my life, or as Paul so eloquently puts it: ‘strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up‘ (Hebrews 12:1). Of course the first step to doing that was getting rid of unnecessary belongings.
You know how Jesus tells the dude who comes to him asking about what to do to have eternal life to go sell all his belongings and give to the poor? The dude ended up sulking away because the thought of leaving everything he had acquired to follow Jesus was unimagineable.

Dear Diary Faith

Chronicles of Canaan

These last three weeks have been brutal to say the least.
Let me explain: I am someone who cherishes her sanity. And my sanity is tied to my ability to have down and alone time. I am an extroverted introvert. My life and job are very outward facing, and to pour so much out to people, I require time alone to meditate and just exist in solitude. I need to be able to do things that calm me – cook, bake, do laundry, walk around my apartment looking toe up. I need to be able to dress up, go out and slay, then come home, put on pimple cream and curl up and just lie in bed awake doing nothing because I have no energy left.


A Winning Fourth Quarter Strategy

I am not the biggest sports fanatic.
Actually, let me not tell a lie. I haven’t the faintest clue how any sport is played aside from the objective of getting the ball across the line or into some net or the other. I merely attend sports events for decorative purposes. So let me put in this disclaimer now:
This post was sponsored by the Holy Spirit with support from Google. 
I have, however, been subjected to the torture of having to sit through game after game not really knowing what was going on the whole time. And as a result of that, I know enough to know that the fourth quarter strategy is crucial to the success of any team.


Letter: Your Blog!

Hi Eudora! I want to express how much I love your blog, your Instagram and your whole movement. It is so inspiring and I learn so much from you every time I read your posts on all your platforms. It is refreshing to read such authentic, genuine content from a Christian who is just out here trying to be slayed and saved lol. Please, please keep the posts coming. They really help me to look at things from a different perspective and to also understand certain aspects of our faith. I, too, am a saved babe (lol) who is trying to do life with Christ at the center by living out my purpose, through Him, each day.

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Letter: God’s not dead, He’s not crazy either.

Sometimes when God tells us something, we think He’s crazy. I’ve had an absolutely crazy year and at the very beginning of 2016 when things seemed to be getting worse, I started getting panic attacks. I would wake up with my heart racing & I would cry and hyperventilate. One morning I was crying & hyperventilating so hard I thought there was no way I would make it to work. Then I heard a small voice say, “Call Eudora”.


Be WHO you are WHERE you are

“What Am I On Earth For?”
This question is  at the very core of our human existence. Why me? Why now? Why here? Why to this family and these circumstances? Basically, our whole lives, in one way or another, we try to find the answer to this  question of Purpose. Because as Christians, we don’t want to live any kind of lives – we want to live Purpose-driven ones. And to do that, we need to understand our unique Purpose.
I used to think that my Purpose was a destination. A job. A place. A time. A partner. But now I  understand it a little better to know better.

Mumblings and Musings

This One Is For The Dreamers…

This picture of me jumping off of a ledge (the kind of thing you do on vacation these days) was taken this afternoon in Old San Juan after lunch at Cafe Puerto Rico. As I write this, I am sitting on my balcony, staring out at the beach and scrolling through work emails.
How did I get here? Well, I’ll tell you.
Around this time last year, I began to feel like it was time to leave my job. Trust me, I had wanted to leave long before, but I am a firm believer in the power of God’s timing, and I knew that when it was truly time to move, God would release me, and provide me with another opportunity.
So the moment I felt His release, I began to pray.


Lessons From A Closet Christian

I remember the first day I became a Christian vaguely. I must have been 5 or 6 and when the preacher asked who wanted to give their life to Christ. I shot up without a second thought. It seemed like the appropriate thing to do at the time, because as far as I was concerned anyone who was willing to take the not-so–proverbial bullet for me deserved some sort of allegiance. Either that or my father nudged me and gave me a dirty look for remaining seated, but let’s stick with the former version of the story lol.
Point is, I’ve been at this Christian thing for as long as I can remember.
Or so I’d like to think.