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I spent a long time struggling internally with my identity as  a Christian. I spent a lot of time trying to fit my life into the proverbial “Christian Box”, and found myself always disappointed because I could not even begin to live up to the standards I had set for myself on my own, and was bored out of my mind trying to do it.

Somewhere along the line, it finally clicked: Christianity is not meant to be boring. Jesus definitely was not boring – boring people do not attract throngs of people to them. Boring people do not get people to drop everything and abandon their livelihood to follow them. Boring people do not create radical change that grows exponentially for thousands of years.

God never meant for us to live bland and boring lives that stay neatly within the lines of life’s coloring book. We are meant to be like Christ: bold, courageous, outstanding and excellent wherever we set our feet. We were created to be unashamed and unconstrained. We were made to lead victorious and joyful lives, filled with all the amazing things God purposed for us long before we got here.


Christianity is not meant to be boring!

“Slayed & Saved” was a term I jokingly coined when I started getting a lot of questions about my Christian lifestyle. I realized a lot of people had misconceived notions of what a Christian life should look like. But Slayed & Saved isn’t a narcissistic term, and it’s not about me – far from it. It’s about taking all the things we have formerly kept outside of Christianity, all the areas of our lives we thought God could not speak into, and bringing them to the Cross of Jesus so He can have complete reign and achieve His purpose for us in each and every one of them. I wanted to show that Christianity is far from dull or confined to Sunday service, and that it is meant to permeate every nook and cranny of your life. I want people to know that life is actually awesome on this side. Jesus himself said he came to give abundant life (John 10:10)!

Even more than abundant living, Slayed & Saved is about Freedom. It’s about Purpose. It’s about understanding that God is real and active in our lives and in our circumstances. It’s about understanding that we don’t always need to wait on a move of God – we ARE a move of God.

With diary entries, devotions, lifestyle tips, reviews and interviews, Slayed & Saved is real, relevant, relatable – and even sometimes a bit embarrassing – but always authentic.


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