Dear God,

I just want to come before you today and just thank you that you are a good father who loves His children. I thank you because since it is in your nature to be good, that you want good things for us. But God, I know that while your will for us is good and perfect and pleasing, that the enemy is at work to destroy those good things that you made Father: families.

God you created the concept of families to provide community and safety and love and protection – an earthly and physical manifestation of your very heart and being for us. But we are living in a time where so many families are hurting God. Parents are hurting and hurting each other. children are hurting and being hurt by the people who are meant to love and care for them. We live in a day and age where children can no longer be children because they have to be adults and make adult decisions and parents are too busy providing the physical needs of their children that they neglect their emotional needs.

But this isn’t your heart for us God. Your heart is that families might be whole and mirror the love and symbiosis that even you exhibit in your own trinity.

So God I just want to come before you and commit those families and parents and children that are hurting right now to you. I commit to you every single person that sees these words and identifies with them in one way or the other. God, I know you don’t just care for our physical healing or our spiritual healing, but you care for our emotional healing too. You sent your son to earth so he could experience firsthand what it is to be neglected and rejected by those you love, and so you are not a God who cannot sympathize with our heartaches and pain when it comes to being rejected or unloved by the people we would give the world for. But God you are a healer of the emotional as much as you are of the spiritual. Jesus, you had the ability to heal people simply by speaking the word, but you went a step further to TOUCH them – because you understood that more than simply an outward appearance of healing, you wanted them to be made WHOLE. You wanted them to feel like they were worthy enough and cared for enough to be touched by you.

So even now God I pray for a healing within families God. I pray that you do what only you can do and invade those households. God, the enemy wants to destroy families because if he can make children feel unloved by the very people who brought them into this world and are meant to love them, then he can make them doubtful and unreceptive of YOUR love God. So do what only you can do – what you came to this earth to do – and heal these families God.

But God I ask for something more than a remote healing. I ask that God you use us as children to heal our families God. Use us as you will to be the catalyst that effects change in our households. Teach us to be loving even when we feel unloved. Teach us to extend grace even when our family doesn’t seem to deserve it. Teach us to respect and obey even if that respect isn’t warranted or appreciated God. Remind us that we do not do unto others as they would do onto us, but we do unto others as you would have us – as YOU have so graciously done unto us. Even in those moments when grace is so hard to give God, help us to be the living representation of your grace – a conduit of your loving kindness to everyone.

God I speak to these people dealing with tough situations in their families the same words you spoke to me when i resented mine. When I felt alone and unseen and unappreciated – when I felt that I alone carried the burdens of everyone in my family even though I was the youngest and needed love too. God you told me, “it is I who sustain you. Even if no one else loves you, I LOVE YOU. I SEE YOU. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME.” You told me to ground myself in you, to lean on you, to trust in you and your provision for me. God you reminded me that while the people around me might be shaky and untrustworthy and unable to love God, that I could find steadfastness and security in YOU.

And then you told me a secret. You told me that you created me for this very purpose. You told me that my birth was no mistake. You showed me that you had created me and gifted me and named me for the very purpose of bringing healing to my family. You created me to use me for that very purpose.

So God use these young men and women as you will in their families. equip and empower them. Teach them to be the very manifestation of your grace, and God in the process do what only you can do and change hearts. Invade their households and pour out your peace over them God.

God I just thank you because you care for each and every one of them and you are faithful to your promises of healing and restoration.

In Jesus’ Name