Somehow, we have come to believe that faith comes easily – that it is a singular choice you make on the day you perform the ritual of raising your hand at the end of a church service to accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior.

Well, while it has been at least two decades since I made the decision to accept Jesus into my life, tomorrow marks 2 years since I made a public commitment to him by getting baptized. And in two years of doing life on God’s terms, I realize now that we have believed wrong.

Yes, faith is a choice – but it is not one that you make just once. It is a choice you will have to make time and time again – on a monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly basis.

Time and time again you will find yourself on the precipice of doubt. The relationship will turn sour. The bills will pile up. The job will let you go. The loved one will be lost. The future will look bleak. The fear will start to seep in.

And you will have to choose.

Some days there will be people there to help you make the right choice – people whose testimonies and God-given words will help coax you off the cliff. But other days you will have to minister yourself down. You will have to shut out the world and the facts of your circumstances and bury yourself in the truth of God’s Word – because the Truth trumps the facts every time.

Of course, it will not feel this way. Facts often scream louder at us than the Truth. It will not look like God can or will do anything with the situation. But as I look back to every time I stood on that precipice, every time I talked myself down with the Truth of God, He showed up. And that encourages me.

The choice to believe in the face of storms will never be easy, but it gets easi-er. Because every time you come out on the other side of your storm, you know Him who promised is faithful.

And that’s something to stand on.