It just occurred to me the other day that many people probably have no idea who I am – and it probably doesn’t help that the ‘About Me’ page isn’t really about ME lol. It probably stems from the fact that I hate talking about myself/self-promotion (took me forever to jump on the hashtag bandwagon), but I think it’s only fair that you get to know more about me than the things I struggle with every day.

So here it goes!

  1. I am 26 and the youngest of four kids. By far. My twin brothers and sister are a year apart, and I showed up 6 years later. I joked once to my father that I was clearly the ‘mistake baby’. He laughed and pointed out that I was also the favorite, so it all worked out lol.
  2. I am Ghanaian. Well, technically, I am American – but after spending ten of my most formative years living in Accra (with a three year stint in Cape Coast a la Gey Hey), I think I make the cut. My identity will always be first and foremost Ghanaian.
  3. Oh! My name! It’s Eudora Leonore. It means ‘Gift of Light’. I try to live up to it!
  4. I graduated from Cornell where I double majored in Economics and Sociology with a minor in Africana studies. No, I was not an overachiever lol. Got an MBA from GW.
  5. My favorite movie is and will always be Brown Sugar. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of falling in love with my best friend forever… plays into my belief that you have to be friends with someone before you date them!
  6. My most embarrassing moment was slipping on ice and falling on  my butt in front of everyone in college. I had a bruise on my behind for days, but it wasn’t as bad as the bruise to my ego. (Ok, so this is probably not my most embarrassing moment, but I don’t know y’all like that, so I’m withholding lol.)
  7. My future goals are... I have no idea. This is one of my biggest insecurities at the moment. You know how people grow up wanting to be vets and doctors and lawyers, or start working on Wall Street then just want to take over every company in the world? Not me. I have never wanted to be anything really, and I have such diverse interests that it’s hard to pinpoint any one thing or area. Education, Identity Economics, Comparative Studies, Food, Ministry. So figuring it out is my current life’s goal. I know I’ll be wildly successful at whatever it is because I am a beast if I am passionate about something. But really I’m just waiting to write my first book and hit the NY Times Bestsellers list lol.
  8. I drink my orange juice hot. It is better that way. I am convinced that the whole world has been doing it wrong this entire time.
  9. I don’t say no to cupcakes. It’s a rule I have. Don’t ask. Buy me cupcakes and we will be besties for life.
  10. I love to travel. I’d spend money on traveling before I’d spend money on clothes. Experiences are worthwhile investments. The next three places I want to go are Thailand, Turkey, and Greece. But I also want to spend time exploring the States – I’ve only been to 13 of them.
  11. I live and breathe music. I walk around with really big headphones over my ears all the time, and while I’m usually listening to gospel, I love neo-soul, RnB, [good] rap, and I’m an on-again-off-again Hive member (on again after that performance of Freedom with Kendrick… yaaaaaaasssss). Tbh I am less a fan of her music and more a fan of her work ethic.
  12. I love working out. I just like pain for some weird reason. If I’m challenging myself, I’m good. Plus I love knowing that I can leg press more than most dudes at the gym LOL. Currently I’ve been spending less time at the gym and more time in different classes – Barre, Solidcore, Kickboxing. I love the challenge.
  13. Food is the way to my heart. You have to see the way my face lights up at the sight of it to understand. Food is and will always be Bae. Favorites? Gimme sushi any day, but Asian Fusion and anything on a brunch menu work just as well. I rarely go to a restaurant more than once, because there are so many more to experience, and while I don’t dine out during the week, I love the entire dining experience – maybe even more than the food. If I had to pick a favorite DC restaurant, I’d have to say MXDC, simply for the customer service I received on my birthday there in 2014. Haven’t been back since because I’m afraid they’ll never be able to live up to that one night, and it’ll ruin my memories lol.
  14. I am obsessed with Sephora. Yes I am a shameless VIB Rouge member. And I’m not even someone who goes all out with makeup – I just like trying new things and experimenting. I’d probably say I’m more of a collector than an actual artist lol. My look is always pretty neutral and I rarely wear lipstick – never wear eye shadow.
  15. My ideal date night is one that includes food. Everything else is irrelevant lol. That being said, I’m the girl who wants to try everything on the menu – and shamelessly – so somewhere with small plates is ideal, but I’d be equally as happy eating from an asanka or at a quaint little dive bar. My ideal proposal would be waking up with a ring on. But if you wanna splurge on a destination proposal Russel Wilson style, by all means do you lol. Point is, I’m not picky about these things.
  16. I love people. I used to think I hated people. But I realized that I just didn’t know HOW to love them. I learned the only way TO love people was unconditionally and in spite of their flaws.
  17. My first love was Sonic the Hedgehog. No joke. He was just so suave and fast. And blue.
  18. I own more shoes than any normal woman being should. Let’s just say I went through a phase…
  19. I want to get a tattoo. Just don’t know what or where. I’m currently leaning towards a cross/john 3:16/Jesus/love on the side of my ring finger. But only time will tell.
  20. I switch in and out of Ghanaian and American accents seamlessly. Depends on where I am, who I’m talking to, and what I’m talking about.
  21. I am a morning person. Like early morning. Like 4:30 morning. Life is just better that way.
  22. I preach to middle school and high schoolers occasionally at church. It’s helped me overcome my fear of public speaking.
  23. My bed is my happy place. If I’m in bed, I’m at peace.
  24. I am a horrible communicator. The only people I speak to almost daily and initiate conversations with are my friends Nipaa, Jake, Anna and Menee – they are my inner sanctum of friends, and our communication is usually in short spurts regarding a specific topic. And then there is the outer sanctum whom I love dearly, but just don’t communicate with as much because it’s just not my forte. So if I DO text you, know that I was reaaaaaally thinking of you. If I call you without reason, I’m probably prepared to have your child lol.
  25. I am single. I am currently in what I’d call an ‘exploratory phase’ where I am dipping my toe here and there, but I have picky toes man lol.